The Safeguarding Diagnostic

The Safeguarding Diagnostic

The Safeguarding Diagnostic is a platform based digital tool developed to help leaders of organisations working in the international development sector to feel confident that they have robust systems, processes and resources in place to safeguard against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment: in the workplace, in their programmes and in their partnerships.

The Diagnostic provides a comprehensive overview and insight into the safeguarding strengths and weaknesses of an organisation. Through a one-day journey of critical self-reflection and learning, our expert team will work with senior leadership teams to identify where safeguarding policies, protocols, systems, structures and skills would benefit from strengthening to reduce organisational risk. 

Drawing on global best practice and our expert understanding of institutional safeguarding across the sector, the team of safeguarding and gender specialists at GenderTech Enterprises have built the diagnostic around seven dimensions of good safeguarding practice.

Read the global safeguarding standards which outlines the need for the diagnostic


The Safeguarding Diagnostic is a tool specifically designed to quickly help boards and senior executives:

  • Understand their  duties in relation to  safeguarding and  international standards 
  • Understand safeguarding terminology and unpack safeguarding standards 
  • Understand their organisational exposure and risk 
  • Achieve consensus and prioritise actions that enable their organisations to achieve compliance -or become industry leaders if that is their goal

The seven dimensions of good safeguarding practice which will be explored through the workshop:

  • Safeguarding Framework
  • Whistleblowing and Case Management
  • Partners
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management
  • Governance and Accountability
  • Organisational Culture 

Using an expertly designed scoring system, the safeguarding diagnostic creates a visual overview  of an organisation’s safeguarding performance to  quickly identify and understand vulnerabilities and risks. The digital software auto-generates a workplan that identifies priorities against the seven drivers based on the workshop assessment. Using this as a starting point, we will develop a roadmap to help leaders prioritise  and drive action.

The Safeguarding Diagnostic package includes:

  • Pre-workshop assessment and analysis   
  • One day workshop facilitated by a two person expert team
  • Visual tools that convey findings clearly and simply   
  • A roadmap to support organisational safeguarding strengthening 
  • A potential mechanism for rolling out safeguarding assessments across programmes and partners 
  • Ongoing and confidential access to SDDirect safeguarding expertise
  • Additional support can be bolted on and tailored to needs of individual clients, either before or after delivery of the Safeguarding Diagnostic. 

The question of confidentiality has been given significant thought in the design of the safeguarding diagnostic. We guarantee complete confidentiality which will be formalised through a standard non-disclosure agreement if requested.

The Safeguarding Diagnostic is also available for licensing for larger organisations wanting to improve their management of risk across divisions, offices, programmes and downstream partners.

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