Humentum Learning Services

Humentum Learning Services


Humentum Learning Services is is Humentum's customizable learning solution.
It offers everything an organization needs to deliver effective online learning in one place, including platforms, online learning creation tools, courses and more designed to work for the NGO sector.

Since 2015 HLS has had 64,768 active learners, working in 102 organizations, across 191 countries. 

When your organization becomes a member of Humentum Learning Services, you get access to world-class learning and tools, expert learning guides, and become a part of a global community of organizations who share your learning goals.


Easily track and manage your staff’s learning and development on a world-class customizable learning management system.

Sector-specific content

Give your teams the learning they need to enhance impact, plus get professional tools to create your own


Learn how to get from 10 engaged learners to 1000! 


Benefit from an account manager, technical support and an active community of global peers

"Networking with my learning and development peers in the NGO sector helps our professional development efforts go further. Collaborating and sharing resources help our funds go further." 

- Paige Winn, Learning Specialist FHI 360

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