Is Your USAID Spending Allowable? Flex Workshop

Is Your USAID Spending Allowable? Flex Workshop:

Feb 5 2020 - Feb 19 2020

Location: eLearning (Virtual)

Language: English


Early - Dec 25 Regular - Feb 02
Non-Member $255 $300


Module 1 

Appreciate that Cost Principles is an important resource when working with the US Government

  • Enoch Story begins with his first USAID award
  • Enoch wants spending guidance

Module 2 

Understand that Cost Principles apply to all non-profit organizations and universities

Module 3 

Know the 3 Core Principles for spending with USAID funding

  • Reasonable
  • Allocable
  • Allowable

Module 4 

Understand the USG’s definition of Reasonable

Module 5 

Vacation scheduling scenario (Enoch)

Module 6 

Appreciate what might need to be documented in special circumstances (tent prices post-flood)

Module 7 

Know the 3 ways in which spending would be Allocable

  • Benefits the award directly (mosquito net for project)
  • Benefits the award and other projects (country office copier)
  • Benefits the whole organization (indirect costs – website) 

Module 8 

Allocable scenario 

Module 9 

Recognize that costs can fall into 3 categories when it comes to allowability

  • Allowable (materials and supplies)
  • Unallowable (alcohol)
  • Allowable with prior written approval (generator – equipment) 

Module 10 

Learners test their skills in looking up items within the Selected Items of Cost and suggesting answers.