Discover new and accessible USAID training

Discover new and accessible USAID training

We take pride in providing the most up to date training and learning solutions for NGOs. As the most trusted global provider of USAID training to NGOs, other USAID implementers and their partners, we are bringing exciting changes to our program in 2019. 

We are building on the legacy of InsideNGO's expertise in this content, and through our merger into Humentum, offering more online learning options, a more accessible certification, and more affordable solutions for project teams and organizations.

The easy-to-complete and accessible Certification in USAID Assistance Management

Gain skills and confidence while learning from compliance experts and fellow practitioners. Build your expertise in navigating, interpreting, and applying USAID regulations to solve the most common and complex challenges. Obtain formal, independent recognition by the leader in compliance training. Let your certificate speak to your level of expertise.The program provides face-to-face training or online workshop learning in:

  • USAID Rules and Regulations: Grants and Cooperative Agreements
  • Procurement Planning and Execution for USAID Grants and Cooperative Agreements
  • Financial Management for USAID Funding

After finishing all 3 courses, the learner is eligible to take the certificate exam to progress to receive the Certificate and its digital badge. 

Senior leaders and hiring managers can feel confident that certificate holders are well-positioned to lead important initiatives, build effective teams, and develop strong internal practices based on the expert-validated body of knowledge and rigorous curriculum anchoring the certificate learning and assessment process. For full information on the certificate, and to take it on an individual level, please visit the USAID Assistance Management Certificate page.




Courses to make learning more affordable for project teams and organizations

Organizations wanting to ensure compliant management of USAID funding can choose a group subscription for their staff to gain a certificate in USAID Assistance Management. This group subscription allows organizations to enroll a cohort of 30 in the Certificate Program and entitles the customer organization to preferable pricing, including a % discount on the full price of the cohort.

Full certificate prices
Single enrollment: $1,980
10 or more: $1,850 per person
30 or more: $1,700 per person
50 or more: $1,500 per person

For subscription packages of other courses and learning paths, contact us.


USAID Rules and Regulations: Grants and Cooperative Agreements

USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements is the best course for learning how your organization can comply with USAID's requirements and build strong relationships with USAID staff. In 2019 we have added new scenarios to the course to ensure attendees receive the most relevant examples for their training. These include: Budget Revision, Procurement, Financial Management, Subrecipient Monitoring, Allowable Spending and Prior Approvals.


USAID Cost Proposal: How to Build the Budget 
This online course will equip you with background, tools, and practice to support budget development and cost proposal negotiations with the US Government. The activities and resources will help you to develop a category-based budget from an activity budget, practice formatting a budget according to Federal Standard Form 424, and discuss strategies to justify Cost Proposals to the USG.


USAID Proposal Development: From RFA/RFP to Proposal 
This course is designed to give you the practical tools, resources, and guidance you need to submit quality proposals to USAID. NGOs need team members who know how USAID works as an awarding agency, who can effectively manage the proposal process at the country office level, and who understand the processes and challenges of responding to RFAs and RFPs in the home office.



Affordable and accessible training on critical guidelines with a new online Cost Principles course

NEW FOR 2019
Is Your USAID Spending Allowable? Flex

In a time when organizations are looking for accessible and affordable learning solutions, Humentum is excited to offer the Is Your USAID Spending Allowable? Flex workshop. In another new video, Director of Programs Libby Spader introduces this exciting new online course for 2019.  It is designed so organizations have an accessible and affordable solution for everyone involved in a USAID project to understand the Cost Principles regulation that guides all spending. This course will be applicable to all staff from universities and non-profit organizations that implement with funding from any US Government agency. This is the learning that will enable your organization to ensure compliance related to all spending.  Ask about how to make this online course available across your entire organization.  

This course explores spending in terms of how reasonable it is, whether it requires prior approval from the funder and whether it can be allocated to a project. Through the use of practical examples and real-life scenarios, this course will show you how to use the Cost Principles to make sure your spending will be reimbursed by the US Government. As many staff initiate purchasing on behalf of the organization, this course should be attended by all staff in any country office. Click on the infographic to see it full size.



Webinar series: Hot topics in Compliance

In 2019 we are also running a series of webinars entitled: Hot Topics in Compliance and hosted by expert compliance practitioner Bob Lloyd. The series of webinars will cover the following topics:

More information is coming soon on this series of webinars and how to register for them.

Managing Risk in the Current USG Award Accountability Environment

Learn more about diversifying your funding with new and improved training courses in that area

For more information on all these new developments please watch the videos above and follow the links for further details and to reserve your place.