Training Scholarships

Training Scholarships

Training Scholarships


Humentum is committed to providing accessible learning – regardless of organization size, location or budget. 

We know that organizations with limited budgets can have a difficult time getting their staff the training they need. Our Training Scholarship program subsidizes registration costs to provide equal opportunity for small organizations to work towards operational excellence.

Who is eligible?

Staff of nationally-based or regional non-profits/community based non-profit (NGOs, NPOs, CBOs), with annual revenues less than $1,000,000 USD.

What does the Help with Fees program cover?

Humentum will cover most of the registration fee for a select number of Humentum’s openly scheduled online workshops.

Participants must contribute: $50 USD

This fee must be received at least ten working days before the workshop starts. If you are unable to pay by credit card or make a bank transfer to the UK or USA, please contact us to discuss possible alternatives. 

Travel, accommodation, and visas are not included and are the responsibility of the participant.

Workshops available for this program include:

Is there a limit to using the program?

An individual can attend up to three workshops annually using this program and an organization can send up to three people per workshop. However, funding is limited, and preference will be granted to those who have not already attended.

What are my responsibilities?

After successfully engaging in the course, we’d love to hear about impact the support of our donors has had. We encourage all program recipients to provide a short story or blog after the course.  This story should describe the most significant change the participant has experienced as a result of their participation in the training.


Only complete applicants will be considered. We recommend applying at least six weeks before the scheduled workshop start date.

You will get feedback on your application at least three to five working days after submission. Reviews are done on a rolling basis.

Thank you to Deb Appleby, the ICAEW Foundation and other generous donors for their support of this program.