Presentation and Training Skills



Presentation and Training Skills

September 11, 2017 to October 20, 2017

Online (your computer!)


Brian Washburn , Tim Waxenfelter

Language: English

Early - Jul 31 Regular - Aug 21 Late - Sep 11
NON-MEMBERS $1,030 $1,135 $1,240
HUMENTUM MEMBERS $820 $925 $1,030


This online offering focuses on strengthening your ability to design and deliver highly effective presentations and training sessions.  You will gain skills and confidence to apply practical training strategies and tools in the workplace by learning to build engaging learning activities, design effective visuals, and deliver your content effectively.  Participants are expected to bring a short training product to work on and improve throughout the workshop.  
This version of the workshop is entirely online and takes place over six weeks. The training approach is similar to a participatory face-to-face workshop, integrating interaction with facilitators and fellow participants.  The eWorkshop is asynchronous, which means you access resources, participate in discussions, and complete activities at your convenience.  Regular internet access and the ability to participate in team activities throughout the work week are ingredients for success in the eWorkshop.

Who Should Attend

This is a course for professionals in our sector who are called on to provide training, capacity building, or similar support to colleagues, peers, and partners.  Some experience delivering presentations, training, or capacity building is essential as we assume participants enter the course with a basic understanding and interest in design and delivery.  Alumni of Humentum’s TOT workshop and Mango’s TT1 (Training for Finance Trainers) workshop are ideally suited for this workshop.

What You Will Learn

This workshop builds upon the fundamental tools and techniques required to deliver highly effective presentations and training.  Through individual and team activities, you will learn to:

  • Write meaningful learning objectives that tell your audience both what they’ll learn and why it’s important to them
  • Develop activities and approaches that will keep your learners engaged and motivated to learn
  • Present content in ways that help your audience connect to their work
  • Design visuals that are not only attractive and professional, but also support the learning process
  • Facilitate an impactful learning experience that provides real value to your audience

The Inside NGO Advantage

For 40 years, Humentum has been "inside" the NGO community, supporting organizations as they address the world's most pressing social issues. We are widely recognized as the leader in US government assistance compliance training. Our training activities are designed to help you and your organization build capacity, strengthen decision-making, develop more efficient systems, and identify effective solutions to important challenges. Our learning programs are modeled on the best practices in adult learning. In today's complex operating environment, learning has never been more important, and we take great pride in being your partner in professional and organizational development.

This eWorkshop takes place over the course of six weeks. Each week, participants can expect to dedicate 3-5 hours to the workshop. Participation is entirely online, and participants can choose when to spend time on the workshop as long as weekly activities—especially team projects—are completed on time.

Week 1

Getting started ·

  • Your session proposal ·
  • Review of training concepts

Week 2

Your session’s purpose and objectives ·

  • Best practices for writing purpose and objective statements ·
  • Giving and receiving feedback on purposes and objectives

Week 3

Creating engagement through interactivity ·

  • Identifying activities to support stated objectives

Week 4

Polishing your session ·

  • Adding visuals to your presentation

Week 5

Giving and receiving feedback on your session

Week 6

Review, reflect, and plan