People Development

People Development

Humentum work to build the skills of directors, managers, and executives across the NGO sector and set a global standard.

We aim to give NGO managers, officers and executives the strong foundation they need to ensure they are set up be confident and contribute to lasting change. We run successful workshops designed to help you become more effective in your current organization through the application of intentional communication approaches, strengthened interpersonal skills, and effective management techniques. We also help learners feel more confident conducting common business negotiations, such as agreeing to partner, defining a scope of work, and negotiating a last-minute budget change. We aim to raise the bar for proficiency in people development across the sector.

We work across all stakeholders – project beneficiaries, partners and donors – to help them deliver a tangible upscale in performance and results. Read our learning promise.

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Browse our full range of open workshop training courses or select one of the specialist people development courses below:

Agile Leadership Behavior Flex
Introduction to Compensation Management for NGOs
Management Skills 
Navigating International HR in the Nonprofit World
Presentation and training skills (eWorkshop)
Promoting A Culture Of Respect - Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Promoting A Culture Of Respect - Training Of Trainers Program
Safeguarding Essentials
Training for Finance Trainers
Training of Trainers
Transform from a Young Professional to an Emerging Leader (In House only)

Comments from previous course participants:

"You taught me so much about effective curriculum design, using visuals and engaging the audience.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject matter was apparent and I feel lucky to have had three days to observe you both and steal some of your delivery techniques."

"I absolutely think it was worth it, and I’ll be recommending it to everyone else on our staff."

Discount offer for groups
Humentum can provide a 10% off discount to groups of four or more people from the same organization attending the same workshop. We can provide a discount of 20% to groups of ten or more people from the same organization attending the same workshop. If you would like to take advantage of one/both of these discounts, please reach out to our registration team at for more details.

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