Master Budgeting

Master Budgeting

This pathway is designed for all learners who oversee, plan, implement, monitor, or deal with budgets day to day. A two online workshop pathway, this route will help you refresh and become master of those budgeting skills required across the social sector and in international development work.

By taking and completing this pathway you will be able to:

  • Complete an accurate, complete and justified project budget using the activity-based budgeting technique
  • Structure budgets in different donor formats to accompany funding proposals
  • Create phased budgets for program implementation
  • Design and prepare a budget monitoring report to compare a project budget with actual performance
  • Calculate variance and grant utilization percentages to assess project progress compared to plan
  • Create a project budget forecast report based on latest activity plans and information

Ready? To take this pathway, follow the links below for your next workshop:

Step 1: Budgeting Essentials

Discover Budgeting Essentials

Step 2: Budget Monitoring Essentials

Discover Budget Monitoring Essentials