Making and Managing Fixed Amount Subawards

Making and Managing Fixed Amount Subawards:

May 30 2019 - 11:30am - May 30 2019 - 1:00pm

Location: Online

Language: English


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One of the really big changes resulting from the federal government’s recent grant reform initiative was broad authorization for use of fixed amount awards and subawards. While some federal agencies like USAID have dipped their toes into this type of awarding in the past, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) spread the word government-wide that the method is an acceptable way to award and administer federal assistance. OMB has also made it clear in a number of ways that it wants at least as much attention to be devoted to effective performance as it does to strict administrative compliance. It’s asserting that these instruments are one way to achieve that.  Because the new policies involved represent such a significant departure from the traditional model that has been used for decades that many federal awarding, agencies, pass-through entities, recipients and subrecipients are having a tough time getting their heads around how these instruments are supposed to work. And that goes for government and independent auditors too. This webinar will analyze the applicable federal policies, and will address the many questions that have arisen at all levels of federal assistance relationships. It will explore the advantages and disadvantages of fixed amount awards from the perspective of pass-through entities and look at the flip side from a subrecipient viewpoint. You’ll be informed about:

  • What circumstances lend themselves to the use of fixed amount subawards?
  • How have federal agencies addressed pass-through entity authority to permit fixed amount awards?
  • How must the new federal cost principles be used to arrive at the actual fixed amounts?
  • How should payment procedures be structured to leverage performance?
  • What administrative procedures will apply to the expenditure of the funds?
  • When and how will fixed amount awards be reported and audited?
  • What can NGO’s who perform internationally learn from the fixed amount award experiences of US Government agencies other than those that traditionally fund our sector.

Opportunities to make fixed amount subawards are multiplying in the current federal assistance environment. Whether you are already involved with these new instruments or you want to be ready when these types of awards arise, this webinar will position you well.


Robert M. LLoyd

Bob Lloyd has trained “a few thousand” NGO employees over more than 25 years of collaboration with Humentum and its predecessors. He is well-known to the community through the workshops and webinars that he has presented for the organization as well as through his technical support of our advocacy agenda and annual meetings. A respected authority on the policies and practices affecting award, administration and audit of federal grants and cooperative agreements, he has provided direct professional services to seventeen federal award making agencies including USAID and DHHS and to more than 75 individual member organizations.