Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways


Learning Pathways

Humentum is proud to offer learners from across the globe a number of professional developemnt learning pathways. These opportuntities present online learning for some of the most important training areas for humanitarian and development organizations, including financial management, budgeting, and program management. 

Through the links below, explore our expertly curated pathways through a range of online workshops:

Humentum DPro

Our largest pathway designed specifically for Development Professionals. Each DPro workshop ends with a Humentum certificate, complete your learning by sitting for each workshop's DPro exam and achieving an internationally recognized certificate. Learn more information here.

Humentum DPRO


Become a Program Master

A step in the right direction for Humentum DPro, attend Project Management for Development Professionals (Project DPro) to gain the skills you need to effectively initiate, plan, execute, and close out projects. Then, attend Program Management for Development Professionals (Program DPro) to further your knowledge and dive deep into complex, multi-sector program management. 


USAID Assistance Management Program

Whether you are just starting your career in assistance management and compliance, work on a USAID-funded program, or have many years of experience, the Humentum Certificate in USAID Assistance Management demonstrates your commitment to continued learning and professional excellence in your field. The last exam will take place August 2021. 

USAID Assistance Management Certificate


Finance for NGO Leaders

Perfect for Finance professionals, take three workshops to solidify your knowledge and confidence in Financial Management. 

Finance Managers


Master Budgeting

Do you oversee, plan, implement, monitor or deal with budgets day-to-day? If so, take this pathway and attend Budgeting Essentials and Budget Monitoring Essentials. 

Budgeting NGOs