In-house Training

In-house Training

Humentum Standard and Sustaining Members receive a 10% discount on in-house trainings.

Why in-house training?

We offer a wide range of courses in our global open workshop training program, but we know that sometimes our standard courses or the training schedule or location do not fit your plans. For example:

  • You wish to train a group of local partners all together so that they receive the same important messages
  • A team of colleagues all need the same course but want to attend together at a more convenient time and location
  • You need a course which is specifically adapted to your NGO’s systems, procedures or working environment.

Many clients find that in-house workshops provide a cost-effective solution to their professional and organizational training needs. Our flagship courses include:

  • Project Management for Development Professionals (Duration varies depending upon course)
  • PMD Pro Flex -- facilitated, virutal, mobile-ready social learning (8-12 weeks)
  • FMD Pro (5 days)
  • USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements (3 days)
  • USAID Rules & Regulations for Non-US NGOs (3 days)
  • USAID Contract Management for NGOs (3 days)
  • Planning for Financial Sustainability (3 days)
  • Assessing Your Partners' Financial Health (2 days)

Our in-house training offers you flexibility in terms of location, timing, and course content--and is great value for money, too.

Libby Spader,

Programs Director, Learning Services,


How can we help?

Humentum staff will discuss with you the purpose of the training and desired outcomes. You may decide that one of our current workshops is what you need--you just want it at a time and place better for you. Or, it may be that you would like us to adapt an existing course, or even write a brand-new course for you, to meet the identified training needs.  

What does it cost?

We will provide you with a detailed budget breaking down all the costs involved for your selected event, including the facilitation fee, materials, and travel costs.  For existing courses, we h ave a set course fee structure. for tailored courses, we calculate the course fee according to the course duration and time needed for tailoring the curriculum. 

Where does Humentum offer in-house events?

We can run in-house training almost anywhere in the world. The only limiting factors are language and the safety and security of our trainers. We will discuss with you in detail when planning your event. 

What languages do we speak?

All our open workshop courses are available in English and some are also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Due to the highly participatory, interactive nature of our training, we do not offer our training with simultaneous translation. 

What about follow-up support?

We can provide follow-up support on request to help your teams implement action plans. In addition, a few of our courses are supported with a learning retention program. Learn more about that here


We've published some stories about past in-houses here and here. If you are instead interested in sending your staff to Humentum’s open workshops, you can view our upcoming workshop schedule here. For more information, please contact our team at