Help With Fees

Help With Fees

Background to the program

Helping participants with fees can make a big difference to many smaller NGOs who need training but can’t afford to pay high fees. 

What is the purpose of the Help With Fees program?

The program aims to help participants who work for small local NGOs or CBOs to cover the fees to attend Humentum open face to face and online workshops. The program supports the mission of Humentum to inspire and achieve operational excellence for those organizations working for positive social impact. It also supports our learning promise

We provide accessible learning solutions for those creating social impact.

Our practical expertise will inspire and equip your organization to meet challenges in a changing world. By helping smaller organizations with the fees for their staff to attend Humentum training workshops, we want to overcome barriers to access and to increase the impact and reach of our training.

Which workshops can I get help with?

Help With Fees is available for all Humentum open workshops, both face to face workshops and online workshops. It is only available to learners for face to face workshops in the country where they live.

Who is eligible?

Staff of small national or regional locally registered NGOs or CBOs based in the developing world*.  The NGO income (budget) must be less than US$500,000.

Staff working for INGOs or individuals are not eligible for help with fees.

*The term ‘developing world’ includes any country outside USA, Canada, UK, EU, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Australia and New Zealand.

How much help can Humentum give with fees?

Humentum requires a contribution of US$150 towards the course fee from all participants receiving help with fees. The contribution is US$150 for each workshop attended. The rest of the fee is covered by Humentum’s Help With Fees program.

Humentum helps with course fees for a face to face workshop in the country where you live but does not cover any associated travel or accommodation costs to attend the workshop.

Humentum helps with course fees for all online workshops. A contribution of US$150 is still required.

The US$150 contribution must be received by Humentum at least 7 days before the workshop starts.

Can I get Help With Fees for more than one workshop?

Yes. If you are eligible for help with your fees, you can apply to attend more than one workshop. You will need to make the USD150 contribution for each workshop attended. Our funds are limited each year, so we cannot always give out all the help that participants need.

How many participants can get help with fees for each workshop?

Our funds are limited so we currently allow only 2 participants to get help with fees for each workshop.

When can I apply?

You can apply straight away, there is no cut-off point. However, only successful applicants will be contacted. 

How do I apply?

Register your interest with Help With Fees by emailing our registration team at ensuring you provide the following information. If you do not provide the requested information your application will not be accepted.

  1. Name
  2. Workshop you want to attend (name/location/date)
  3. Organization you work for
  4. Where you live
  5. Job title
  6. Area of responsibility
  7. Organization’s current annual income/budget
  8. How the workshop will benefit you and your organization
  9. Have you received help with fees from Humentum before? If so, when?
  10. How you will pay the USD150 contribution – credit card or bank transfer only. We cannot accept payment in cash.