Finance for NGO Leaders

Finance for NGO Leaders

Follow our learning pathway designed specifically for NGO leaders who want to get a comprehensive overview of how their finance function should operate. Completing this pathway will help you:

  • Access tools to establish a holistic anti-fraud approach in your organization and associates
    Develop a financing strategy and associated policies
  • Assess fraud risk in your programs and develop controls to respond to the risks
  • Effectively manage incidences of fraud, or allegations of fraud, taking actions which are appropriate, fair and firm
  • Evaluate cost allocation structures and methods based on your NGO’s current funding mix
  • Apply alternative approaches to structuring overhead accounts and allocation methods

Start today and grow your and your organization's confidence in Financial Management.

Step 1: Fighting Fraud in NGOs

DISCOVER Fighting Fraud in NGOs

Step 2: Planning for Financial Sustainability

DISCOVER Planning for Financial Sustainability

Step 3: Full Cost Recovery Essentials

DISCOVER Full Cost Recovery essentials