Finance for NGO Leaders

Finance for NGO Leaders

Humentum works to build the financial skills of managers across the social sector and set a global standard.

We aim to give NGO managers the skills, tools and confidence they need to ensure projects are managed to the best financial standards, and ensure everyone in the social sector is speaking the same financial language. We do this by addressing the financial skills gaps among NGO staff and volunteers to raise the bar for proficiency in financial management across the sector.

We work across all stakeholders – partners and donors, managers, program staff, operations staff, finance offers, board members, project beneficiaries – to help them deliver a tangible improvement in performance and results. We offer training, convening, consulting, and resources/insights for financial management.

Follow our learning pathway designed specifically for NGO leaders who want to get a comprehensive overview of how their finance function should operate. Completing this pathway will help you:

  • Access tools to establish a holistic anti-fraud approach in your organization and associates
    Develop a financing strategy and associated policies
  • Assess fraud risk in your programs and develop controls to respond to the risks
  • Effectively manage incidences of fraud, or allegations of fraud, taking actions which are appropriate, fair and firm
  • Evaluate cost allocation structures and methods based on your NGO’s current funding mix
  • Apply alternative approaches to structuring overhead accounts and allocation methods

Start today and grow your and your organization's confidence in Financial Management.

Step 1: Fighting Fraud in NGOs

DISCOVER Fighting Fraud in NGOs

Step 2: Planning for Financial Sustainability

DISCOVER Planning for Financial Sustainability

Step 3: Full Cost Recovery Essentials

DISCOVER Full Cost Recovery essentials