CTID: SIS: An Open Source Evaluation Platform



CTID: SIS: An Open Source Evaluation Platform

December 11, 2018 - 11:30am to 12:45pm


Language: English

The Service Information System (SIS) is a subscription-based evaluation platform for NGOs built on open source and free software. It was developed for several reasons - to make evaluations less expensive, to improve privacy and security for vulnerable users, and to radically improve the quality and usefulness of indicators.

SIS was launched in September 2018, in partnership with a Canadian network of organizations serving immigrants and refugees. The indicators were screened through a community consultation process, defined according to international metadata standards, and tied to Sustainable Development Goals.

In a previous Humentum webinar (on GDPR), we described how we designed security processes to protect the privacy of respondents. In this presentation, we will focus on open source and free tools that NGOs can adopt in their own evaluation systems:

  • Using Office 365 SharePoint to support staff through the entire work flow of an evaluation project;
  • Using DHIS2 as the underlying data warehouse while linking to Power BI for reports and visualizations;
  • Defining measures and indicators that can be analyzed across sectors and organizations;
  • Using interactive surveys to walk NGO staff through the process of creating an evaluation plan and logic model;
  • Using frequent news stories to promote program improvements;
  • Reducing the staff time for final evaluation reports.

Join us on December 11TH to learn useful design tips and open source tools for their own evaluation systems.


Gillian Kerr, PhD, C. Pscyh, Founder of LogicalOutcomes

Sophie Llewelyn, Researcher with LogicalOutcomes

Manolli Ekra, Senior Coordinator, Policy and Research with OCASI