CTID: Buyer Beware – Selecting Vendors & Negotiating Terms in Tech Agreements



CTID: Buyer Beware – Selecting Vendors & Negotiating Terms in Tech Agreements

October 17, 2017 - 11:30am to 12:45pm


Language: English

With the proliferation of new technological solutions for everything from fundraising to donor relationship management, program analytics to payment processing, an increasing number of third-party vendors are being engaged to integrate these systems into their day-to-day operations. These services are often “mission-critical,” meaning they are necessary for the nonprofit to function optimally and accomplish their purpose.  Since the legal contract with the vendor forms the groundwork for the delivery and continuing functionality of the system being provided, it’s essential that NFPs / NGOs understand its terms and be prepared to negotiate them.

In this webinar, Moderator Surya Sayed-Ganguly, Attorney John Dartley, and Net @ Work’s David Marks will walk you through the maze of tasks, questions, and considerations needed to insure success when selecting a technology vendor for a large project and the negotiating the subsequent agreement, including:

  • Nuts & Bolts of the RFP, including is an RFP even warranted?
  • Negotiating Price – factors and tactics to be considered, including fixed price versus billable hours.
  • Working with Key Stakeholders – how and when to bring the right staff to the table, and how each can help to ensure success
  • Business Considerations – reviewing the contract, both internally (stakeholders) and externally (lawyers).
  • Legal Terms and Conditions – Key Terms to Include, such as delays, price overruns, data breaches, etc. Negotiating key terms is essential to protecting your organization.

Who should attend:

We welcome all NFP/NGO staff involved in helping to select technology vendors and negotiate vendor contracts to bring your questions.