USAID Procurement: Grants & Cooperative Agreements

USAID Procurement: Grants & Cooperative Agreements

Well planned, well executed: how to get the right procurement process.
This workshop is available as an in-person English workshop, French in-person workshop, and an Online English eWorkshop.

Effective procurement is critical to project success, especially in USAID-funded assistance projects. This highly participatory workshop prepares you to implement the right process – including the procedures, systems, ethics and standards.

Our expert facilitators will address the different considerations for procurement throughout the project lifecycle. In addition to maintaining donor compliance, you will learn how to use procurement planning to be more efficient, more adaptable and better manage risk. 

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • Plan procurement based on programmatic needs
  • Comply with USAID requirements, including full and open competition, prior approvals, waivers, and restrictions on goods and services
  • Navigate through each of the key steps in the procurement process including establishing specifications of goods, requesting and evaluating bids; selecting vendors; ensuring quality in procurement; and documenting the procurement process
  • Quickly adapt when project plans change, including budget reductions, revised specifications, price fluctuations, and procurement in disaster situations
  • Identify and reduce organizational risks in procurement execution 

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for:

  • Procurement staff, including those who develop procurement budgets and those who implement, monitor, and report on procurement
  • Finance, compliance, and audit teams; Program and administration teams
  • New business development teams
  • Independent auditors or CPAs who perform compliance or financial audits within the development sector.

Have you heard? This workshop can also help you with regulations that apply across US Government funding agencies. However, if you have a USAID contract, you should attend our USAID Contract Management workshop. Not sure? Feel free to contact us and we’ll help you!

Further Information

Humentum Certificate in USAID Assistance Management


This workshop forms part of the Humentum Certificate in USAID Assistance Management. Whether you are just starting your career in assistance management and compliance, work on a USAID-funded program, or have many years of experience, this certificate demonstrates your commitment to continued learning and professional excellence in your field.

The two other workshops required are:

Financial Management for USAID Funding

USAID Rules and Regulations: Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE)


In-person Workshop: CPE credits are not offered for the In-person Workshop. 

Online Workshop: CPE credits are not offered for the Online Workshop. 

Learning Approach


In-person Workshop: Humentum’s highly practical workshops always put the learner first. Our expert facilitators will draw on their own vast sector and subject-specific knowledge to ensure our learner experience is as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible. They will share relevant tools, techniques and insights that are immediately transferrable to your own work. You are also actively encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions, hands-on group work, and pose your own specific questions to further enhance your learning. 

Online Workshops: Humentum’s highly practical, structured and in-depth Online Workshops always put the learner first. Working together with a small cohort of peers from around the world in a social network style environment, you will discover relevant tools and techniques through engaging videos, readings and assignments. You will have a dedicated, expert facilitator to guide you on your learning journey, provide feedback, and always ready to answer your specific questions to further enhance your learning

How does an Online Workshop work?

The Online Workshop is open for a set number of weeks, and you must log-in each week to complete assignments and reach weekly deadlines. Once online, you’ll find our platform easy to navigate, with clear guides and instructions. You’ll need to earn points for completing various tasks (such as watching videos, uploading assignments, and interacting with others). The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn. You’ll need to reach a minimum target points score, submit assignments and contribute to discussions in order to pass the workshop.

We estimate the eWorkshop requires 5-7 hours per week, depending on your pace of learning, and previous experience.

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