Taxation Management: US Expatriates, International Assignees, & Your Organizational Risk

Taxation Management: US Expatriates, International Assignees, & Your Organizational Risk


This one-day workshop focuses on the employer responsibility for individual tax reporting and organizational taxation risk and compliance issues related to the employment of US expatriates and Third Country Nationals. If you work in human resources, finance, or payroll, you need to master the many intricacies involved when employing individuals in these categories. Failure to understand the complex US Government and host country regulations related to this kind of employment can put your organization at risk. This highly participatory course, led by taxation and mobility experts, provides guiding principles, practical information, tools, a resource manual, and “how to” advice on managing U.S. expatriate and host country taxation issues.

Who Should Attend

Human resources, finance, and payroll professionals who have taxation, compensation, and accounting responsibilities related to US expatriate and Third Country National staff.

What You Will Learn

This workshop explores the tax reporting and compliance responsibilities related to US expatriates and Third Country Nationals. You will learn how to: 

  • Carry out tasks to fulfill taxation responsibilities for expatriate and third country national staff, including:
    • Completing W-2 forms for US expat staff including how to handle housing, education, moving expenses, and other allowances
    • Testing for eligibility and calculate long term expatriate foreign earned income and housing exclusions
    • Writing assignment letters
    • Applying tax balancing concepts including tax equalization, tax protection, and laissez faire
  • Manage compliance issues for short term business travelers
  • Assess the impact of bilateral agreements and tax treaties on employee income tax obligations
  • Navigate taxation challenges related to employees that hold dual citizenship

The InsideNGO Advantage

For more than 35 years, InsideNGO has been “inside” the NGO community, supporting organizations as they address the world’s most pressing social issues. We are widely recognized as the leader in US government assistance compliance training. Our training activities are designed to help you and your organization build capacity, strengthen decision-making, develop more efficient systems, and identify effective solutions to important challenges. Our learning programs are modeled on the best practices in adult learning. In today’s complex operating environment, learning has never been more important, and we take great pride in being your partner in professional and organizational development.

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