Cost Principles Flex

Cost Principles Flex

This course explores spending in terms of how reasonable it is, whether it requires prior approval from the funder and whether it can be allocated to a project. Through the use of practical examples and real-life scenarios, this course will show you how to use the Cost Principles to make sure your spending will be reimbursed by the US Government. As many staff initiate purchasing on behalf of the organization, this course should be attended by all staff in any country office.

In order for projects to ensure spending is reimbursed by USAID/the US Government, organizations must train staff on the basics of the Cost Principles. This is a core topic to remaining compliant with USAID and to avoiding audit findings and loss of funding. In this workshop we will explore the basics of ensuring a cost is Allowable, Reasonable and Allocable, and how to use those core principles as reference for your own spending. This learning is provided through the use of real- life examples and scenarios. When finished with this course, you will be able to determine if an item of cost is allowable, reasonable and eligible to be charged to your project. You will also learn how to determine which items require prior written approval before purchase.

By attending this course, you will learn answers to the following questions:

Core principles of spending

  • What is allowable spending?
  • What spending can be allocated to your project?
  • What is meant by “reasonable” spending?
  • How do we document that spending is compliant?
  • How do we know what costs require prior approval?
  • What happens when we spend on something not allowed?
  • How can we do our own research on what spending is allowed?

Practice areas

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Dates and registration

Mar 27 - Apr 09, 2019 Online English Full info

USAID Cost Principles Flex: An introduction by Libby Spader