Best Practices in Procurement Webinar



Best Practices in Procurement Webinar

December 11, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:30am


Language: English

Procurement can be a high risk activity. The risks are manageable if the key procurement standards are known and addressed in your operating procedures. What do the USG regulations require? What procurement standards are you allowed to decide? What are some of the misunderstandings about competition, procurement methods? This webinar will focus on the critical procurement issues and knowledge that must be addressed in your  operating procedures. We are excited to provide this guidance to help you affirm if your procurement standards have the necessary policies and procedures, provide the required internal controls and compliance assurance, or decide if they need revising and updating. Or this can be an opportunity for you to build your knowledge about the procurement requirements.

This is a free webinar open to Humentum members. 


Keith Edwards is a Master Trainer for Humentum and a consultant with expertise in compliance, risk management, standard operating procedures and operations support services. He has worked with organizations to assess their operations standards, write and revise standard operating procedures in all aspects of operations support. He is a regular Humentum face to face and e-workshop trainer on USG rules and regulations, procurement and subawards management. Keith works directly with HQ and national implementing country offices on replicating best practices and corrective actions to address operations challenges. For more information, here is Keith's full bio.