ICT & KM Consulting

ICT & KM Consulting

Consulting Services: Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Knowledge Management (KM)

In January 2018, Humentum announced the expansion of its consulting services with the addition of a suite of information communications technology (ICT) and knowledge management (KM) offerings through a programmatic merger with NPOKI. These services include:

Strategic ICT/KM Planning

Through a process of informational audit and organization alignment, we work with nonprofits to create a strategic ICT/KM Plan that includes:  Executive Summary, Mission Statement, ICT/KM principles, business context, a SWOT analysis, a scope, a list of prioritized actions and a roadmap covering 12-48 months.

Information Audit 
Map existing information flows throughout the organization. This process identifies where the information lives, how users get that information, and how the information is used. The audit highlights information gaps, bottlenecks, and redundancies that, once corrected, will increase effective and efficient information transfer.  

System(s) Assessment

Evaluate existing system(s), and report on effectiveness, sustainability, and future use.

System(s) Requirements

Document the requirements for a new system (for example, a finance system). Usually done with a systems assessment.

System Design/Usability/UI Design

Document requirements, and provide wireframes, usability studies, and user interface designs for custom applications, or to analyze existing applications for effectiveness.

System(s) Implementation 

Project manage the implementation of enterprise systems, like an enterprise resource management systems, donor management system, human resources system, portfolio management systems, monitoring & evaluation systems, and contact relationship management systems. 

Systems Integration

Project manage the integration of enterprise systems (including custom systems) with new systems, like project management, monitoring & evaluation, workplan and budgeting systems.

Portal Development

Deploy high-quality, customized information portal (intranet/extranet) suitable for low resource settings and customized to specific needs.

ICT/KM Management Consulting

Provide in-depth analysis and recommendations on development of new policies, solutions, best practices, emerging technologies customized for the needs of the sector. 

Documentation/Technical Writing

Skilled, professional, technical writers and illustrators can document, develop, and maintain informational content to support your organization’s products, processes, and software applications. We work at all levels, from policies and procedures, to enterprise systems, to custom applications, to program tools and processes, to project documentation. Our content is designed to be appropriate for staff working for nonprofit organizations, both at HQ and in the field. We can work onsite or remotely, and can translate into most languages.

Project Management

Project management of all stages of a technology project including delivery in low resource areas.