Project Manager

Project Manager

Every global development organization runs a series of programs and projects. A critical role at any organization is a project manager. As a PM, you spend most of your time planning, monitoring, managing, and evaluating projects as well as juggling the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, managing risks and costs. This is all in order to deliver a project on time, on budget, and on scope. We've put together this resource page, specifically designed for project managers. Here you can find tools, guides, and trainings that will make you as successful as possible in your role. To help keep you informed, we've also included some blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Discover more about project management, including an introduction from Humentum's project management expert John Cropper, a podcast with OIiver Filler of Plan International, a free downloadable Project Management Maturity Assessment tool, and information about our project management trainings.


COVID-19 Solutions

The problem: Projects need to be adjusted and re-scoped to address to COVID-19 needs or constraints
Our solution: Project adaptation and rescue consultancy with skills training for the team

Tap into the sector’s leading experts in project management for advice, support, and training. Solution components include:

  • A free one-hour consultation
  • Project rescue and adaptation virtual consultancy workshop
  • Project recommendations document
  • Online training in Project DPro for your team

to find out more, talk to us

Humentum is closely following updates and guidance from global expert resources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus resulting in COVID-19. We are updating the page below frequently with weekly spot poll links, last week's spot poll results, upcoming COVID-19 events, important global health news, and changes regarding Humentum's own events and policies.

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A short introduction to Program Management

John Cropper takes you through what you can expect on a typical project management workshop and describes our other activities in this essential area of work for the social sector.

Learn more about project management from Humentum

Humentum works to build project management skills of directors, managers, officers and executives across the NGO sector and set a global standard. It's one of our four core areas of focus.

We help create common vocabulary that program and project managers can use across the sector to stay on the same page. We offer training and consulting on the skills needed to effectively initiate, plan, execute, and close out projects. We offer peer to peer learning through convening, and resources/insights for project and program management. 

We work across all project stakeholders – project beneficiaries, partners and donors – to help them deliver a tangible upscale in performance and results. For more than 40 years we have supported organizations as they address the world’s most pressing social issues. Our learning activities are designed to help you and your organization plan projects, strengthen decision-making, develop better systems and processes, and identify effective solutions to important challenges. Our training programs are modeled on the best practices in adult learning - read our learning promise.


Project Management Capacity Assessment

This tool is designed to help facilitate discussion and action planning for improved project management within your organization. This tool can map out a plan for getting from where your project is now to where it needs to be to ensure quality programs and to meet the PMD Pro (Project Management for Development Professionals) Minimum Standards for Project Management. We recommend using this tool in an interactive, participatory manner, such as in a workshop setting. The information should be used for planning purposes.

There are two analyisis tabs in this worksheet, each assessing the maturity of your project phases, and the disciplines by which you run them. In the score column, rate your team on a scale of 0 (No or Never) to 5 (Yes or Always). Each section will average up your scores and transfer them to spider diagrams on the Assessment tab.


Download the tool now


Oliver Filler talks about the impact of PMD Pro

In this video Oliver Filler, Program Quality Manager at Plan International, talks about his experiences in project management, rolling out program-wide improvements, and how PMD Pro has helped provide a foundation for project management learning in the developing world.

Introducing Oliver Filler 

A passionate advocate for promoting excellence in project and programme management, Oliver Filler of Plan International has over 10 years of experience in humanitarian response and development programming. As Project Cycle Management Program Support Specialist, Oliver has been leading Plan International’s global project management strengthening initiative. This initiative utilises PMD Pro Level 1 as a core global project management standard. Through this roll out Plan has PMD Pro trained staff in all 54 country offices and has a growing pool of Regional and National Office trainers. In these 2 short videos Oliver outlines his experiences in project and program management.


SocialEx is a monthly podcast channel that allows the social community to share and participate the many unique and empowering stories that occur in the world of international development each and every day.

Listen to the podcast with Oliver Filler

In this 30 minute audio from SocialEx, Humentum's monthly podcast Oliver Filler, Programme Quality Manager at Plan International, talks about his experiences in project management, rolling out program-wide improvements and how PMD Pro has helped provide a foundation for project management learning in the developing world.


Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) D Pro

Learn about Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning with the MEAL DPro Flex 

This online course gives you the skills you need to effectively design, plan, and manage MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluating, Accountablity, and Learning) systems for development and relief projects. The course provides learners an introduction to the essential learning, skills and tools of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning.  It was created by NGOs for NGOs, to improve MEAL skills across the humanitarian and development sectors.

Brought to you by Humentum, this 8-week online course gives you the skills you need.



The Power of Community

As a Humentum member, you can interact with other peers working in project management on Humentum Connect, our online community. Join our communities and pose questions for real-time responses from your colleagues in the sector. 

Not a Humentum member yet, but interested in having your organization join? Humentum membership is organizational and every individual working for a member organization can take full advantage of membership benefits. Learn more here about the power of Humentum membership. 

PMD Pro Overview (Humentum)

This animation explores the PMD Pro phases and tools – putting all together in a comprehensive overview of the PMD Pro methodology.

Humentum Consultancy Services (HCS) – Trusted sector experts

Humentum Consultancy services (HCS) operates globally  providing tailored expert and practical advisory and consultancy services to organizations focused on positive societal impact to strengthen their operations and organizational performance. 

Why HCS?

We operate a mission driven not for profit business model which means we work to inspire civil society organizations to strengthen capability in operational areas so they become fit for funding and trusted for impact.

We deliver solutions to address your needs. We have developed practical tools, approaches, and frameworks, policies to address these. Our range of services reflects our deep understanding of the needs in the sector and of our clients.

We provide practical advice and support and have access to the best practices in the sector. We seek to identify the best practices in the sector and are able to reach out to clients and peer organizations in the sector to share practices/tools in an anonymous way.

All our consultants are senior professional ex-practitioners who have extensive experience working in the sector and have a deep understanding of how NGOs work and the challenges to drive change within them.

For more information on our suite of consultancy services, please contact:

We can provide support in project and program management in the following areas:

  1. Programme/Project reviews including value for money reviews
  2. Assessment and evaluation of Project/program structure
  3. Identification and design of projects
  4. Planning for implementation, ,
  5. Project/Programme Risk management and Governance structure,
  6. Project/Programme M&E including planning for monitoring and evaluation, analysis of indicators for M&E, and evaluation after action processes.
  7. Strategic Planning