Program Management for Development Professionals (Program D Pro) Flex

Program Management for Development Professionals (Program D Pro) Flex

This workshop is also offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. 


When managing programs or large projects with multiple components, there is more than one “right” tool that will solve every problem. This online course is designed to help program managers be more effective in their roles by exploring common challenges program managers face, identifying tools and processes that successful program managers implement throughout the lifecycle of a program, and guiding program managers in the creation of an action plan to implement lessons learned into their day to day jobs.

Note: Program D Pro is a program management certification for practitioners working in the development sector. This course uses the Program D Pro Guide as the basis of course curriculum and will provide resources to help you take the exam yourself. The course fee does not include the Program D Pro exam certification fee and the exam is not administered at the end of the course.

While PMD Pro certification is not a pre-requisite of this course it is highly recommended, as knowledge of the contents the PMD Pro Guide will be assumed.

Target Audience

  • Those who are PMD Pro 1 certified looking to take their management to the next level
  • Practitioners working on a program or ‘super’ projects that are: 
  • Complex
    • Multi-sector
    • Large in size
    • Have multiple funders
    • Multiple grants
    • Multiple locations

Key Takeaways

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the difference between project management and program management
  • Confidently step into the management of an existing program
  • Identify ways to stop being in reactive mode when it comes to issues that arise
  • Have a concrete action plan for improving the management of your program  

Learning Approach

Our training puts the learner at the center, using practical and fun learning activities supported by easy-to-use materials. We share tools and techniques that can be immediately used in your work.

A Flex course allows you to learn essential content completely on your own time over a specified amount of time:

  • Learn through engaging videos, assignments, and structured reading
  • Interact and learn with other participants and a facilitator in a virtual and social learning environment
  • Earn points for various tasks completed, including watching videos, completing assignments, leaving comments and interacting with others
  • The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn. And the quicker you earn these points, the sooner you’ll complete the course

The coursework will take around four hours each week, depending on your pace of learning and previous knowledge.

In-house client workshops

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