Our work in Sudan

Our work in Sudan


Humentum works frequently in Sudan, and we work on a local level, developing and maintaining relationships with NGOs and member organizations, delivering learning and client services within the region. In addition to facilitating learning, we also coordinate an ongoing program of networking events. For trainings and workshops in Sudan we work with Khartoum Inspire for Management Excellence. Find out more at: http://www.inspire-ime.org/home. We’d love to connect with you! Contact our Regional Director, Sareta Thomas. Sareta is based in South Africa but is visiting Sudan on a regular basis.

IME launching workshop

IME launching and announcing them self as a partner to Humentum as the foremost training and capacity building provider for NGOs in Sudan.


Partnership in Sudan

Humentum is working in partnership with Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) based in Khartoum, Sudan. IME is Humentum’s local affiliate as the foremost training and capacity building provider for NGOs in Sudan.

Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) is a capacity development social enterprise established in 2018 aiming to have social impact in Sudan and other countries. IME was found by a team of three professional individuals with the same passion to enhance people’s skills and confidence as well as improving organizational systems. IME registered as a Private limited company under Commercial Register of Ministry of Justices in Sudan. IME envisioned “a world where all organizations have excellent accountability systems” driven by a set of core values and clear objectives.

IME is willing to share its passion with all organizations to develop their capacity to become thriving development partners, capable and trusted to deliver instant results and a lasting impact.

IME has many strengths: The team is bi-lingual: English and Arabic; the members are all professional trainers and certified as Humentum trainers using participatory approaches and methodology; and they managed to build up a remarkable partnerships and relationships between KLP partners, British Council, Donors and Humentum.

IME is determined to help and support organizations to be more accountable; successfully run their enterprises and to implement projects more effectively and efficiently. IME works with all local and international non-profit organizations, social enterprises, local governments and donors who want to invest in building the capacity of CSOs and national organizations.

For more information please visit IME’s website - www.inspire-ime.org

Regional Networking scheme

We have a new local networking scheme for local NGOS and INGOs with offices in Sudan. As a member of the network you and your staff will have access to quarterly roundtable events, webinars on a range of subjects, and access to the members-only resources and communities on our website. Humentum hosted its first networking meeting in April 2019. Participants from Local and International NGOs attended the event in Khartoum.

Humentum has conducted a survey after our first networking meeting in Sudan to find out more about the needs of organizations around a convening event. Please click here for the results.

If you are interested to join our next networking meeting please contact Sareta Thomas from Humentum, sareta.thomas@humentum.org or Ibrahim Elghali from IME, ibrahim@inspire-ime.org.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our next networking meeting in Khartoum, Sudan!

Case Study

Humentum (Legacy Mango) was a partner in the Kulana Liltanmia Programme (KLP) delivered in Sudan by the British Council (BC) from 2015 to 2018. Our role was to cultivate fiduciary management capacity through a team of local Fiduciary Mentors. The Fiduciary Mentors were recruited and employed by KLP/BC to maximise the success of the team in developing good organisational governance practices within wider Sudanese society.

During the project it was agreed that the mentor team will be spun off towards the end of KLP as a “development services” social enterprise. This social enterprise would sell fiduciary management and potentially other development services to BC projects, NGOs and other donor programmes in Sudan. Inspire for Management Excellence (IME) was established in 2018 and is currently running a successful business in Sudan.

There were two aims of establishing the Sudanese Social Enterprise:

  1. Build the capacity of Sudan civil society organisations to make the best possible use of the money they receive from stakeholders and become more financially sustainable.
  2. Build the capacity of local financial management professionals to provide ongoing financial management capacity building to Sudan Civil Society and Non-Government organisations.

These two aims contribute to the longer-term goal of increasing the effectiveness and accountability of a wide range of Sudanese organisations and reducing corruption in Sudan. The investment made through the KLP programme in this social enterprise will have a long-lasting impact through the continued sustainable provision of vital fiduciary financial management services to support the transformation in good governance and good development practices in the longer term in Sudan.

During the three-year KLP project the mentor team were consultants and trainers supporting British Council partners and other clients. Developing the capacity of 24 CSOs since August 2015, 11 Strategic Partners (SPs) and 13 Operational Partners (OPs). The trainers have delivered 136 training sessions on various finance and management courses and have also provided 232 mentoring and coaching support visits to CSOs in Sudan; working in Khartoum, River Nile, Gedarif, Gezira. The support and training sessions provided have been significant to the success of the CSOs. In general, the program has been a significant success and most of the CSOs are very happy with the support they have received.

The first key success factor to the programme was the Humentum holistic approach that makes the Capacity Development programme so unique and successful - the mentoring is focused on the overall organisation and does not focus only on the KLP financial grant. Support was provided to all staff and management team members.

The second major success factor for the CSOs was that the financial management assessment only took place after the grant was awarded to the CSOs. This helped the CSO to be more open and transparent and to build a trusting relationship with the mentors. The key outcome of the mentoring was better integration between the finance and programme staff to work as a team towards achieving organisational and programme objectives.

The mentorship programme has also created a great opportunity for mentors individually, enhancing and growing the mentor’s personal skills and confidence to work with a variety of civil society organisations, becoming financial management specialists within the CSO environment in Sudan.

The financial management capacity development programme the Fiduciary Mentors have witnessed and experienced change within the CSOs with staff skills developed, improved financial as well as programme management and longer-term strategic focus by management. The successful integration of the three key components: training, assessment and mentoring has been proven to be a very effective approach.

Trainings in Sudan

Take a look at the Inspire for Management Excellence website: http://www.inspire-ime.org/home

Humentum face to face trainings delivered by IME can be either as an open or in-house course:

Download the calendar of 2020 trainings

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