Issue 3
FEBRUARY 4, 2016
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There is nothing constant except change…

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was onto something when he stated, “there is nothing permanent except change” more than two millennia ago. Today, the dialogue around change is increasingly common, as our sector grapples with changing rules and regulations, new and emerging forms of funding, and innovations in learning, sharing, and collaborating. This issue of The Insider looks at a few changes that are underway at InsideNGO, and also provides some insight into how our members are thinking about the changes they are facing.

Changing Times, Enduring Values

As InsideNGO President and CEO Alison Smith prepares to move on to the next chapter of her life after leading the organization for more than 35 years, she looks back on InsideNGO’s beginnings and reflects on the values have remained constant.
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Leading Through Change: The Member Perspective

Recently, InsideNGO surveyed a select group of senior leaders in our membership about the nature of the changes they see ahead. Our Chief Operating Officer Tom Dente writes about the nature of the emerging changes these leaders see ahead, and the two-fold agenda needed to address them.
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Coming Soon Directly to You: InsideNGO’s eLearning

If you have ever put off pursuing a professional development opportunity because you felt you couldn’t be away from the office for more than a day, or because your budget couldn’t cover the associated travel and lodging costs, you might have wished that the learning could come to you. Well, now it can, as InsideNGO pilots our first eWorkshop based on our expert training curriculum.
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Change is Good: Our New Look

As we enter the second month of 2016, you may notice that InsideNGO is sporting a new look. Why did we decide to change our logo, you might wonder. In our case, it’s all for good reasons. Read on to learn more about our new logo.
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