Local Membership

Local Membership

Uganda & Ethiopia Local membership offer

We have a new local membership scheme for local NGOs and INGOs with offices in Uganda, Sudan, or Ethiopia! As a local member oganization, you and your staff will have access to face-to-face and online trainings, quarterly roundtable events by area of expertise, webinars on a range of subjects, and access to the members-only resources and communities on our website.

Become a member

Here is a full list of benefits that Humentum local membership provides:

  • Discounts on F2F training courses in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Sudan; discounts on online courses for staff based in Uganda/Ethopia/Sudan 
  • Quarterly roundtables by subject area
  • Online space for being in touch with community and sharing documents
  • Bring in a local partner for free (for those that are global members)
  • Access to Humentum Connect
  • Access to members only section of website and resources
  • Access to webinars and industry partner offers

It costs $300 per year for orgs <$2m annual income, and $750 per year for orgs >$2m.  This offer is being launched October 2018, so anyone joining up to March has prorated, and anyone after that pays up to the following September.

We also offer consulting services in these countries and across Africa. Recent assignments include in-house training workshops, fraud investigation, policy manual development and recruitment of financial personnel.  We partner with local consultants and trainers where appropriate to bring culturally relevant and contextually appropriate services at more affordable rates. Learn more about our consulting offerings Uganda, Sudan, and Ethiopia here.

See our Uganda Membership Offer (download flyer)

See our Ethiopia Membership Offer (download flyer)

See our Sudan Membership Offer (download flyer)

While we are only offering local membership in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Sudan now, we aim to roll out a local membership offer in Kenya in the 2019 fiscal year. 

Meet our local experts

Our staff and consultants have extensive experience and care deeply about sharing their expertise. As trusted experts, we combine your knowledge with our own to develop practical solutions which work for you. Contact either one of our regional directors today to get started with your local membership!

East Africa
Samantha Musoke 

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Southern and West Africa 
Sareta Thomas

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What our members & clients are saying:

"Humentum provides a one-stop center supporting various facets of effective social justice organization, and demystifies concepts of financial management." 
Otto Saki, Ford Foundation, South Africa

"I’ve attended many trainings, but I can re-call Humentum trainings easily. They have knowledgeable trainers, an attractive approach, and techniques that never let you close your eyes. At the end of the day, you walk away with a considerable amount of information. Thumps up to Humentum! I’ll never miss the chance to learn with you!" 
El Rawda Hassan, British Council, Sudan