CFO Forum – Virtual

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CFO Forum – Virtual

April 24, 2017 - 11:00am to 1:00pm


Language: English

Moving beyond the risk register – Evolving Risk Management Strategies that work!

The call for nonprofit risk management is clear. While nonprofits are increasingly aware of the need to adopt and implement risk management, it must be practical at the both the operating and strategic levels, resulting in a better managed organization and meet the expectations of the board – sounds easier said than done.

Join Kim Schwartz (Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at PSI) at the next CFO forum on April 24 from 11-1 to discuss and share different risk management strategies. Kim will focus on the evolution of PSI’s Global Risk Management strategy and working with the board but your organizations may have different effective or evolving risk management strategies that you would like to share or get feedback on from other CFOs. Maybe you have a country/project trigger system that works, or a good strategy that works during the “go no-go decision” stage before going after a bid? If you would like to join Kim and be part of a panel discussion at the next CFO forum, please email Robby Vanrijkel at before Friday March 17.