Learn online with Humentum

Learn online with Humentum

Learn online with  Humentum

“I never saw such a course…it was more useful than the courses I attended in person directly” .
- Shakeel Syed Mohammad, International Medical Corps

Would you like to experience the participatory style, expert facilitation and fun that characterises our face-to-face workshops, in a flexible and accessible online form? Is that possible? The answer is YES! Humentum is pleased to offer high-quality online facilitated courses that stay true to our Learning Promise

You are a good candidate for online learning if you want:

Human and community interaction 

"I can't believe this course came to an end! It gave me huge amounts of information, supported by from every single one of you all. I am so grateful for the experience you shared during these five weeks." Rami Kalazi

Our online workshops are developed with community interaction and participation as key to learning. With the opportunity to connect with other learners and boost your knowledge from their experiences, our online workshops are global and not region-specific, you could find yourself interacting with other learners from NGOs in many different countries, offering an enhanced and more enriched learning experience.

Expert facilitators and trainers

"The support I got from [the trainers] was so amazing."  - Agnes Hanti Ndossi, OSIEA

Our trainers are not only experts in their field of learning, but are highly trained at facilitating online groups to ensure maximum engagement and interaction. Your trainer is your key support, but will also be able to help develop your interactions with other learners in the group to ensure you get the maximum amount from the integrated online learning experience.

Excellent value for money

"I actually got more learning and reflection from attending this course online than I would have had by participating in a course over 3 days." - Jannecke Røed, Norwegian People's Aid

With Humentum's online workshops you can work and learn at the same time, without the hassle of being away from your desk for several days or coordinating complex travel plans. Additionally online workshops are less expensive than the classroom equivalent, and we pass the savings on to you. This makes learning more accessible for all budgets, and helps you get value for money in your training budget.

“This is one of the best courses I have been through. The immediate transference of learning was unbelievable. The mix of learning individually, in teams and as a whole group was a great way to learn and teach each other.” Ann Spencer-Arscott, Executive Director of Bermuda Red Cross (eWorkshop participant)

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Flexible and accessible

Our courses run to a schedule to maximize peer-to-peer interaction, but you can log in at any time of the day and decide when you learn during the week. Wherever you are in the world, you can join in and interact with a diverse global group.

Practical and applicable

Learning over a longer period of time alongside your daily work means you have a fantastic opportunity to put what you learn into practice immediately, and come back with questions!

Interactive and fun

Our courses facilitate engagement with other learners and your expert facilitator, as well as including a range of interactive resources. Our learners tell us regularly this approach is fun!

Humentum offers two types of online course: eWorkshops and Flex courses.

Try a Flex course to learn new knowledge socially and flexibly, or join an eWorkshop for a highly practical, in-depth look at specific skills

Practical information
eWorkshop and Flex courses both have scheduled course dates when facilitation is provided. eWorkshops have a more intensive time commitment and require learners to meet weekly deadlines, while Flex courses have a lighter and even more flexible workload. 

Neither course type has live ‘real-time’ sessions (like webinars) – this means there are no set times when you have to be online, so learners from any time zone can participate. You can access the course pages whenever you wish and complete the tasks at a time that suits you.


The time commitment is about 5-7 hours per week. To get the most out of the learning experience, this time should be spread out through the week. We recommend logging in 4 or 5 times per week.

Collaborative team tasks and group interactions are a key part of eWorkshops, so it’s important that you complete each week’s work within the scheduled course week. However, there are no ‘real-time’ sessions, so you can choose when you want to log in within the weekly timeframe. Logging in early in the week will allow you to contribute more and have a richer learning experience.

The course week runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, so it’s possible to work at the weekend if you prefer. If you miss a course week completely, you may not be able to formally ‘pass’ the eWorkshop. After the course the materials are available for several months.

Flex course

The time commitment is about 2-4 hours per week if spread evenly across the time the course is available.  However you can choose to spend more time on it and finish the course sooner, or spend less time at the beginning and catch up later.The course is facilitated for a set number of weeks. After that, it is usually available for another week or two for anyone who is still finishing off.

What benefits do Online "Flex" courses offer?
A Flex course allows you to learn essential content completely on your own time over a specified amount of time: 

  • Learn through engaging videos, assignments, and structured reading
  • Interact and learn with other participants and a facilitator in a virtual and social learning environment
  • Earn points for various tasks completed, including watching videos, completing assignments, leaving comments and interacting with others
  • The more tasks you complete, the more points you’ll earn. And the quicker you earn these points, the sooner you’ll complete the course.

Sustainable learning that reduces your carbon footprint

Humentum has a goal to shift our learning program to a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable model. With this in mind we recognise the environmental benefits that come from developing a comprehensive online learning program that cuts down on printing materials, unneccessary air-travel and is partnered with platforms that do not exploit or harm the environment. By participating in an online learning workshop you will be assisting Humentum decrease our impact on the environment and make learning sustainable for the future generations.


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I’m looking for self-led learning for my organization, not a facilitated course – can Humentum help?

Do you want to offer sector-specific self-led eLearning content for your staff? Plus a Learning Management System to track their progress, and support in strategic implementation across your organization? Check out our Humentum Learning Services membership for all this and more.