Laura Malaguerra

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Laura Malaguerra

Associate Director, Membership and Learning Events


Laura Malaguerra joined Humentum in September 2013 as the events manager, and manages logistics for the global training event portfolio and our annual conference. She facilitates the seamless execution of events through scheduling, contracting, materials production, on-site logistics management, and supervision of an amazing team. During her time with us, the event portfolio has grown to over 150 events annually, all done to a higher standard but with greater cost efficiency.

Laura began her career with our member organization ACDI/VOCA in 2007. Shortly after joining their team and planning the office holiday party for 150 people, she knew she had a passion for events and continued to volunteer for event planning assignments. After moving to the staff learning and development team, Laura managed all logistics for trainings and conferences, as well as administered the onboarding program and developed content for workshops and e-learning tutorials. Laura has a master’s degree from Utah State University and a bachelor’s degree from James Madison University. She lives in the Park View neighborhood of DC with her husband, toddler son, and dog, Maverick.

Q + A

Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Emma Stone

Describe your ideal weekend.

I would be at the beach with my family, where my son would sleep until 9 a.m. every morning and every evening would end with wine. 

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Or dessert in general?

My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but my favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies.