Country Champions

Country Champions


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IFR4NPO Country Champions are a focal point for stakeholder engagement in target countries. If you are interested in being a Country Champion for your country, see the role description here and apply here.

Country Champions


Name | Role | Organisation | Quote | Email


Name: Zia Ul Haq Sarwari
Role: Country Finance Director
Organisation: Save the Children International
Quote: It is a great initiative to streamline and have a synchonized set of international accounting standards for NPOs.


Name: Ram Subramanian
Role: Policy Adviser - Reporting
Organisation: CPA Australia
Quote: I am excited to be part of this project because accountablity and transparency are key aspects of not-for-profit.


Name: Meti Busha
Role: Financial Management Trainer and Consultant
Organisation: AGAR Development Partners
Quote: We are excited to be part of the project because there will be a standardised accounting and reporting for the CSO sector - whereas we are currently struggling with the adoption of IPSAS. We believe that IFR4NPO is tailored for the sector so that it will be much easier to implement and fits the purpose very well.


Name: Edmond Vanderpuye
Role: General Secretary
Organisation: International Needs
Quote: It provides a unique opportunity to enhance accountability and comparability of financial reports of NPOs worldwide. There can be no better time than now. Let's get it done.


Name: Caroline Kariuki
Role: Director, Finance and Administration
Organisation: Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa
Quote: I am excited to be part of this project because finally not-for-profit organisations will have their own specific financial reporting standards. This is long overdue.


Name: Temitope Alowusi
Role: Finance Manager
Organisation: Ford Foundation, West Africa Office
Quote: It’s a wonderful initiative that will bring uniformity and clarity to the reporting requirements.


Name: Caron Bradshaw
Role: CEO
Organisation: Charity Finance Group


Name: Patience Mmoyo
Role: CEO
Organisation: Masinga Africa Group
Quote: I am excited to learn and impart my knowledge in the best accountable way. I aspire to unite and empower through impactful engagements in our community. We need to actively collaborate and partner, for the future is circular.


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