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HR Manager

As a HR Manager in global development we know you spend your time developing staff, making them more effective leaders and managers, coordinating and facilitating training programs, and keeping up to date with the latest trends in learning and development. That's why we've put together this resource page, specifically designed for you. The following tools and guides will make your role easier to manage. We've also included some blogs, videos, and podcasts that relate to the work you do in the international development sector.

On this page you can discover a range of learning solutions, designed specifically for those working in Human Resources, training and learning, including Humentum's renowned LMS & network: Humentum Learning Services.

COVID-19 Solutions

The problem: Keeping the team engaged, productive, and growing
Our solution: A set of tools and trainings to inspire and engaged your staff

Engage with our team and our community of NGO peers to help support you with leadership guidance and resources for your staff. Solution components include:

  • A free one-hour consultation
  • Online workshop on how to train and convene online
  • An online leadership course for mid and senior leaders
  • A customizable learning platform for all staff

to find out more, talk to us

Humentum is closely following updates and guidance from global expert resources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus resulting in COVID-19. We are updating the page below frequently with weekly spot poll links, last week's spot poll results, upcoming COVID-19 events, important global health news, and changes regarding Humentum's own events and policies.

Visit the covid-19 resource page

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Get Ready to Shift your Employee Engagement Strategy

A blog by Joyce Weru

When we look at the current state of employee engagement and what organizations are doing in this space, most organizations try to offer great benefits, competitive compensation, positive cultures, recognition programs and teleworking options. Organizations need to adapt to the current context. They should also begin thinking about how global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic may change the future expectations of their employees. How will employees state of mind be affected as they work through the after-effects of this crisis? What will shift for employees in terms of values, work-life balance, stability (financial or career)? How can organizations support their employees now and into the future?

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The benefits of global expansion far outweigh the many challenges it brings to global HR departments

A blog by Shane Martin

90% of U.S. and UK tech firms plan to expand overseas, and 76% of those firms will be in more than three markets by the end of 2024. The benefits of global expansion far outweigh the many challenges it brings to global HR departments As many companies continue to expand globally, benefits programs for their international workforce grow in importance. Global benefits executives face a range of challenges including delivering benefits in diverse environments and cultures, offering competitive benefits programs to help retain employees, controlling costs and streamlining administration. Here we look at the issues facing global HR departments, how to address those issues and we also pose an action plan for any organisations who find themselves in similar situations.

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Humentum Learning Services is Humentum's customizable learning platform. It is available for organizations across the globe who want to offer world-class learning to their staff. 

Since 2015 HLS has had 64,768 active learners, working in 102 organizations, across 191 countries. 

When your organization becomes a member of Humentum Learning Services, you get access to world-class learning and tools, expert learning guides, and become a part of a global community of organizations who share your learning goals.

Join an active community, share knowledge and explore ways of learning and doing more together.

Improve the performance of your teams by giving them access to the skills and expertise they need to thrive in their work.

Use high-quality training resources to build your capacity and increase your impact.
Pick the membership level that best suits your organization's learning needs.
Discover all the features and the benefits here.

"Networking with my learning and development peers in the NGO sector helps our professional development efforts go further. Collaborating and sharing resources help our funds go further."
- Paige Winn, Learning Specialist FHI 360



SocialEx Ep. 4: Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

Episode 4 of Humentum's monthly podcast, SocialEx, features a conversation with Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken, former Director of the Transnational NGO (TNGO) Initiative at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and current founder of Five Oaks Consulting. Here, Tosca talks to us about INGO leadership, change management, culture, and more!

Discover the principles behind Agile Leadership

Introducing Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken
Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken has dedicated her three-decade career to international development and civil society issues. For nearly 16 years she managed, and eventually led the Transnational NGO Initiative (TNGO Initiative) at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, USA, where her focus was on the governance, leadership and effectiveness of international civil society organizations. Tosca has done extensive work with mid-sized to large INGOs helping to direct customized leadership development, including executive coaching. Her work extends to change leadership and management, including organizational level evaluations. 

In 2018, Tosca partnered with Humentum to build a new course, Agile Leadership Flex, a unique online training that provides new, engaging tools designed to help participants become more effective leaders. Using the ‘four frames’ model of leadership, the course explains how to choose leadership behaviors strategically and respond to context in an agile manner. Learn more about the course here and in the adjacent video.

Humentum Learning Promise & Principles

Discover our Learning Promise

Humentum aims to provide accessible learning solutions for those creating social impact. Our learning promise has been developed into seven principles that we know stand for delivering exceptional training for the social sector:

Social We build a nurturing, supportive and fun learning community where peers collaborate, share and network.
Impactful We create and provide products that deliver long-term impact to organizations and we offer continued support, guidance and certification for an extended learning journey.
Learner-focused We design and deliver engaging high quality training products with a learner right at the center.
Actionable We empower learners with practical and relevant skills tools and techniques that create immediate results.
Accessible We develop flexible user friendly learning,overcoming barriers to access that increase global reach.
Innovative We are responsive, versatile and innovative in designing and delivering our learning product.
Relevant We provide timely learning that addresses the challenges most relevant to our learners and measure impact and listen to the wider community to inform and improve our offerings.

Browse our full range of courses that focus on training, management, and leadership below:

Agile Leadership Behavior Flex
Management Skills 
Training for Finance Trainers
Training of Trainers

Comments from previous course participants:

"You taught me so much about effective curriculum design, using visuals and engaging the audience.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge about the subject matter was apparent and I feel lucky to have had three days to observe you both and steal some of your delivery techniques."

"I absolutely think it was worth it, and I’ll be recommending it to everyone else on our staff."

The Power of Community

As a Humentum member, you can interact with other peers working in training and human resources on Humentum Connect, our online community. Join our HR community and pose questions for real-time responses from your colleagues in the sector. 

Not a Humentum member yet, but interested in having your organization join? Humentum membership is organizational and every individual working for a member organization can take full advantage of membership benefits. Learn more here about the power of Humentum membership. 

Humentum Consultancy Services (HCS) – Trusted sector experts

Humentum Consultancy services (HCS) operates globally  providing tailored expert and practical advisory and consultancy services to organizations focused on positive societal impact to strengthen their operations and organizational performance. 

Why HCS?

We operate a mission driven not for profit business model which means we work to inspire civil society organizations to strengthen capability in operational areas so they become fit for funding and trusted for impact.

We deliver solutions to address your needs. We have developed practical tools, approaches, and frameworks, policies to address these. Our range of services reflects our deep understanding of the needs in the sector and of our clients.

We provide practical advice and support and have access to the best practices in the sector. We seek to identify the best practices in the sector and are able to reach out to clients and peer organizations in the sector to share practices/tools in an anonymous way.

All our consultants are senior professional ex-practitioners who have extensive experience working in the sector and have a deep understanding of how NGOs work and the challenges to drive change within them.

For more information on our suite of consultancy services, please contact:

We can provide support in HR & Learning in the following areas:

  1. Training design
  2. Review and development of codes of conduct and staff handbooks
  3. Misconduct investigations
  4. Management mentoring/coaching
  5. Interim CEO/Senior management support or mentoring