Full Cost Recovery Essentials

Full Cost Recovery Essentials

This workshop is available as an In-person English workshop (In-house only).

Interested in learning about this topic with an online workshop?  Humentum offers another, more in depth, online Full Cost Recovery workshop, with a USAID focus: Maximize your Indirect Cost Recovery. This workshop is designed to enhance the ability of NGO staff to effectively manage their programs and maintain donor compliance. It covers the strategies and tactics for strengthening your NGO’s indirect cost recovery approach in a dynamic and evolving funding environment.

This highly participatory workshop builds the skills and confidence of NGO managers and staff to identify, manage and control indirect costs; ensure NGOs are fully costing their programs; and ensure that donors (where possible) pay the full costs of projects they are funding. Our expert facilitators will guide you through this action packed two day workshop, starting with a look at both direct and indirect costs and how they are shared. You will explore consolidated budgets and contribution analysis, and budgeting for total project cost, before learning how to manage cost recovery, and how to fund your support costs. We share with you our example cost recovery policy, before finishing up with a look at donor relationships.

What will you learn?

By the end of this workshop, learners will be able to:

  • List key reasons why it is important to prepare and manage an indirect cost budget
  • Identify indirect versus direct costs
  • Use different methods of allocating and apportioning indirect costs to projects to create a fully costed project budget
  • Apportion costs on a fair and justifiable basis and use the contribution analysis technique
  • Design a policy for cost recovery
  • Maximize use of all funding sources.
  • Implement cost recovery best practices 
  • Assess funding contributions to indirect costs and take appropriate strategic decisions
  • Appreciate the benefits of addressing the challenges of funding core costs, and negotiating openly and confidently with donors

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for:

NGO program, operations and finance staff, who need to develop a comprehensive and consistent approach to cost recovery, such as:

  • Senior managers of NGOs, such as Program and Finance Managers who develop systems, tools and policies to manage indirect costs
  • International NGO staff who manage partner relationships, such as Desk Officers, or Project Officers who can advise their partners on full cost recovery. 

This workshop is most relevant to small to medium sized organizations. It may not go into sufficient detail for very large NGOs who are already systematically managing their overheads and core cost budgets. 

If you’re still not sure if this workshop is right for you, feel free to contact us and we can help!

Further Information

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Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPE)


CPE credits are not awarded for this workshop.

Learning Approach


In-person Workshop: Humentum’s highly practical workshops always put the learner first. Our expert facilitators will draw on their own vast sector and subject-specific knowledge to ensure our learner experience is as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible. They will share relevant tools, techniques and insights that are immediately transferrable to your own work. You are also actively encouraged to engage in meaningful discussions, hands-on group work, and pose your own specific questions to further enhance your learning.

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