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Top Tips for Recruiting the Best Finance Staff

In these financially uncertain times, it is more important than ever to ensure that you recruit the best finance staff for your organisation. To help you find the right finance staff for your organisation, Mango have put together seven top tips.

1. Make sure the job description accurately reflects the role

This is an area which is often overlooked within the recruitment process. However investing time in putting together a robust job description will save you time and money in the long term. Having an accurate job description allows you to attract candidates who are interested in the content of the role on offer and will ensure that everyone’s expectations are managed throughout the process.

2. Be clear on the skills and experience required for the role

Take time to define the specific skills, experience and competencies required for the job and ensure that there is some way of measuring these throughout the recruitment process. This will ensure that only candidates that meet your criteria will reach the final stages of the process.

3. Make the job description and particulars as attractive as possible

Candidates are more likely to be attracted to positions which offer some degree of flexibility or where there are opportunities for career development. If you are able to offer this, ensure that this is made clear in the job advertisement and in the job description.

4. Use a structured interview and assessment process

Research has shown that past behaviour is an effective predictor of future performance so it is a good idea to ask candidates for examples of when they have demonstrated the skills and experiences required for the specific role.

5. Conduct an appropriate skills based test at interview

Studies have also shown that combining an interview with a skills based test is the most effective way of identifying the best person for the job. A test will allow you to eliminate candidates that are not able to perform the tasks required for the role and will also give you a level of understanding of the training or support that the successful candidate may require.

6. Involve employees in the recruitment process

They may be able to recommend appropriate candidates, assist you with the selection process and even advise you on whether the job description and terms and conditions will be attractive to potential candidates. They may also be able to assist you in assessing organisational ‘fit’ at interview stage.

7. Use Mango’s Recruitment Service

We have a wide range of experienced finance professionals, ranging from consultants to those who are willing to go on assignment for expenses only.

We are a charity ourselves so we understand the constraints and environment within which you are working.

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