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Trainers tips

Finance training has a reputation for being 'boring' or 'irrelevant', while finance as a subject is seen as being 'full of jargon' or 'too technical'.  

Mango training has changed all that!  We work hard to take the fear out of finance. Here we share some tips on how to make your finance training more interesting and effective. 


'Accountants speak in tongues'

  • Pre-expose learners to jargon and concepts with advance reading or preparation activities
  • Avoid using jargon terms until you have explained them properly with plain language
  • Provide plain language written definitions and glossaries
  • Use pictures and everyday stories to explain difficult financial concepts such as ‘accruals’ and ‘depreciation’
  • Adopt forfeits for thoughtless use of jargon or acronyms.

'Finance is difficult and boring'

  • Bring out and build on existing knowledge - everyone has some experience, we all manage money every day!
  • Show that most financial management is about common sense decisions
  • Avoid giving learners figure-work too soon - managing money is not all about doing sums
  • Start with simple processes before moving to more complicated ones
  • Create a relaxing learning environment - don't use 'classroom style' tables, introduce colourful materials, play music
  • Use games and quizzes to surprise and challenge people
  • Keep it active, inject some fun – prove that finance doesn’t have to be boring!

'What's in it for me?'

  • Be selective in the content – what do learners really need? 
  • Show how financial management has something for everyone
  • Keep it practical – provide tools and techniques that learners will be able to use in their work
  • Provide well presented, selective back-up resources and checklists


Want to learn more?

Mango's Training Course Taking the fear out of finance is especially designed for finance people who have a training role, packed with practical learning to build your skills and confidence.

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