Surveys at Humentum

Surveys at Humentum

Surveys provide valuable information on current practices, allowing organizations greater insight and providing them with information to make informed decisions. Surveys also demonstrate the power of community. Taken alone, one organizations data is a single snapshot, but put together, the data of many organizations can tell a much bigger story.

Periodically, Humentum conducts surveys within the membership community to enable benchmarking and gain a better understanding around current organizational practices.

Business Development Benchmarking Survey

A business development benchmarking survey will take place in the spring of 2020. The survey focuses on collecting and analyzing data about performance across different types of donors, award types, and time periods. Analysis will provide executives and business development professionals with insights about critical outcome benchmarks such as relevant win rates.

Survey participants will be entitled to receive the advanced preview copy of the Executive Summary that will be developed based upon the findings and will be invited to participate in a webinar highlighting the results. This survey is only open to Humentum members. Only Humentum members who complete the survey will have access to the survey findings. Members interested in participating should click here to pre-register.

This initiative was developed in response to requests from Humentum members and reflects Humentum’s commitment to support members to inspire greater impact through improved performance. This research is commissioned by Humentum, with pro bono support from the Development Intelligence Group and its partners.

Indirect Cost Survey

The indirect cost survey takes place periodically and collects common indirect cost rate information – including NICRA data. The survey also aims to broaden more traditional discussions of indirect cost rates and rate agreements to include indirect cost allocation strategies, total cost of operations, and total costs of specific outcomes. Survey results are designed to help member organizations better benchmark themselves, regardless of how they label or allocate indirect costs.

Software Survey (for HQ and field)

We collect data on more than 25 types of software being used by its member organizations both at their headquarter locations and in their field offices. All members are asked to complete an online survey with questions regarding various management software, financial software, human resources, and more. This information provides members with an opportunity to learn which software packages their peers are using in all locations. The findings of our software survey are published on Humentum Connect. The software survey is conducted bi-annually.

NGO Local Pay Survey / NGO Global Pay Survey

In 2017 Humentum transitioned away from being a compensation and benefit survey provider and partnered with Birches Group to help members with that transition.  Humentum and Birches Group have decided to end the strategic partnership we formed in 2018 and return to the Industry Partnership relationship we have had for many years. For more information on the Birches Group surveys contact us at the email below.

Other surveys from Humentum

Humentum also works to capture relevant information on current, hot topics. Recently, we’ve completed the following surveys to better gauge member and sector needs and opinions:

Brexit Impact Survey
Member Funding Sources Survey
Professional Development Policies Survey
Impact of PEPFAR Changes Survey
Salary Increases Spot Poll

For more information on surveys, contact us at