U.S. Headquarters Salary, Benefits, and Human Resources Policy Survey 

For over 30 years, we have been conducting an annual U.S. Headquarters Salary and Benefits Survey for organizations and foundations engaged in international development and relief work.

Over 140 NGOs participate and provide compensation information for more than 100 typical HQ positions and organizational compensation practices. Data is reported by geographic location, size of budget, and number of employees.

The Benefits & HR Policies Report provides information on HQ staff health benefits, retirement, life insurance, leave policies, and general policies such as staff development budgets, turnover, and performance appraisals. 

U.S. Expat/TCN Salary, Allowance, and Administrative Policies Survey

The Expat/TCN Compensation, Allowances and Administrative Policies Survey provides unique sector data for NGO international staff. Over 75 NGOs participate in this survey.

The survey benchmarks 23 regional and country Expat/TCN positions. Salaries are reported by budget, staff size, and by a number of geographic locations. Allowances, leave policies, taxation, localization, and other general practices are also reported. The Expat/TCN Survey launches annually in April and the survey findings are typically available in July.

Indirect Cost Survey

The indirect cost survey takes place periodically and collects common indirect cost rate information – including NICRA data. The survey also aims to broaden more traditional discussions of indirect cost rates and rate agreements to include indirect cost allocation strategies, total cost of operations, and total costs of specific outcomes. Survey results are designed to help member organizations better benchmark themselves, regardless of how they label or allocate indirect costs.

Software Survey (for HQ and field)

We collect data on more than 25 types of software being used by its member organizations both at their headquarter locations and in their field offices. All members are asked to complete an online survey with questions regarding various management software, financial software, human resources software, and more. This information provides members with an opportunity to learn which software packages their peers are using in all locations. The findings of our software survey are published on the Member Community. The software survey is conducted bi-annually. 

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