Humentum Coronavirus Updates

Humentum Coronavirus Updates

Humentum cares deeply about the health and safety of our members, clients, and event attendees.  As a member network, bringing people together is what we do, so we are closely following updates and guidance from global expert resources including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus resulting in Covid-19. We are updating this page daily with this week's spot poll link, last week's spot poll results, upcoming COVID-19 events, important global health news, and changes regarding Humentum's own events and policies.

Donor Guidance

USAID Guidance is the Agency's COVID-19 guidance for the implementation of programs. In addition, here is the guidance from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB): OMB Guidance (see additional memos below). USAID has  also recently setup this webpage  and this FAQ document to respond to the COVID crisis. 

USAID has been asked to identify organizations that have personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies potentially available for use by the U.S. government in response to COVID-19. The attached excel spreadsheet outlines the specific equipment needed. Please review this spreadsheet and let USAID know immediately if you have any equipment available. Complete and email spreadsheet to:

On March 20, USAID released this memo authorizing flexabilities outlined in OMB memo of March 19. They also released this additional COVID-19 guidance for OMB for federal contractors. Of particular note, the guidance encourages agencies to continue working with their contractors to maximize telework for their employees and provide contract extensions whenever possible, when telework is not an option. It also seeks to empower agencies to use emergency procurement flexibilities, as needed, consistent with good business judgment.  

DFID's current COVID-19 Guidance can be found here.


A note from our CEO:

Dr. Christine Sow, Humentum’s CEO and former CEO of the Global Health Forum, is an epidemiologist closely tracking the spread of the coronavirus and staying up to date on the latest impact on the social sector. Her commentary will be an ongoing feature of Humentum’s member roundtables, where we will summarize the weekly spot polls we’ve been conducting. She is also available to speak at your organization regarding COVID-19 as requested. Contact her.

Read Dr. Sow's interview with Devex on the NGO sector and COVID-19, published March 20, here.


Upcoming Events

Every week, we are surveying our membership as the coronavirus rapidly evolves to get a pulse on the NGO community's response and prepardness. The spot poll is open Monday-Wednesday, and every Thursday we are sharing and discussing results in our member-only virtual roundtables. Those results are also shared below. We are also hosting one-off webinars and other virtual events to help our members manage staff and programs during this unpredictable time, and sharing partner virtual events with the same goal. 

Next week's COVID-19 virtual spot poll: coming.

Next weekly COVID-19 virtual roundtable: April 9, 10:00 AM EDT - REGISTER

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Weekly Spot Poll Results

March 30 spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll shed light on financial status and mitigation measures, indirect cost rates, and COVID-19's impact on program delivery and staff ability to work. Download the full report here.

March 26 spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll focused on guidance and protocols for staff, challenges in creating fit-for-purpose business continuity plans, and considerations for short and long-term disruptions to program implementation and organizational sustainability. Download the full report here.

March 16 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This weeks poll focused on guidance and protocols for staff, challenges in creating fit for purpose business continuity plans, and considerations for short and long-term disruptions to program implementation and organizational sustainability. Download the full results here.

March 11 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll focused on international and domestic travel restrictions, remote work decisions, and business continuity planning. Instead of a summary here like last week, we invite you download the full results here

March 5 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

Humentum hosted a roundtable to source questions from our membership and spot poll results on COVID-19 on March 5. We discussed the second spot poll Humentum did on the subject, from Mach 2-4 among our members.

We covered:

  • What guidance are members sharing with their field staff?
  • How members would describe the current level of impact on their operations
  • What travel policies have been implemented for staff?
  • What communication modes are you using to communicate with staff in-country and abroad?
  • Which organizational function is responsible for communicating to staff around COVID-19?
  • What resources are you using for updated health information? (WHO, CDC, DOS, OSAC, GAO, and others)
  • What plans have you implemented in terms of business preparedness and continuity?
  • How do you define nonessential travel?

Please sign in to Humentum Connect to get the full PowerPoint summary of the March 5 roundtable call. We have a dedicated Connect channel for COVID-19 which you can join here. This connect channel is also where we will share policies and a library of resources and templates from our member organizations.


Weekly Digests

In the spirit of collective action and knowledge sharing, we are releasing the weekly digests we have been creating for members around COVID-19 publicly. These summarize the past week: what we discussed in our senior leader forum, our virtual roundtable, global health updates, donor guidance releases, and what was collected from our membership via weekly spot polls. 

Download the April 3 Weekly Digest

Download the March 27 Weekly Digest

Download the March 20 Weekly Digest

Download the March 13 Weekly Digest

Download the March 6 Weekly Digest


Humentum Updates

Humentum Training Workshops: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all scheduled open, face-to-face workshops through June 30, 2020 will be cancelled. If you are currently registered for a face-to-face workshop, you will receive an email detailing your options to transfer or refund your registration fee. We will continue to monitor and assess future workshops on an ongoing basis as the situation develops. We have temporaily adjusted our refund policy to allow full refunds up to the start of the any workshop affected by COVID-19. Remember that most of our learning content is available through our online courses, as well as the many other courses available through the Humentum Learning Service platform. We would also be happy to discuss with you about options to customize a virtual training option for your team. Please reach out to:

Conferences: In light of the Kenyan government’s ban on international conferences, and in alignment with Humentum’s commitment to the health and safety of our event attendees, we are changing the format of OpEx East Africa, originally scheduled for March 31 – April 2, 2020. Instead of hosting an in-person event, we will be offering this conference virtually in early June, now called OpEx Africa Online. We will be updating this page and the event page soon with details. OpEx DC (1-3 September) is currently continuing as planned, and we are monitoring the situation closely in Washington, DC, USA.

Member Communications: We have created a new channel on Humentum Connect, our online member community, called Coronavirus (COVID-19) where Humentum members can exchange with peers regarding organizational challenges and responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, and where we will post information and resources as they become avaiable. Join the COVID-19 channel here (Humentum members only).


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