Humentum Coronavirus Updates

Humentum Coronavirus Updates

As a member network, bringing people together is what we do, and that has been going stronger than ever as we lean on each other to get through this crisis. We are consistently updating this page with the latest in donor guidanceupcoming COVID-19 eventsimportant global health updates, and more. We are here for you.

A note from our CEO:

Dr. Christine Sow, Humentum’s CEO and former CEO of the Global Health Forum, is an epidemiologist closely tracking the spread of the coronavirus and staying up to date on the latest impact on the social sector. Her commentary will be an ongoing feature of Humentum’s member roundtables: weekly Thursday roundtables, weekly Monday senior leader roundtables, and monthly CEO roundtables. She is also available to speak at your organization regarding COVID-19 as requested. Contact her.

Read Dr. Sow's April 27 oped in Devex on the future of global development post-COVID-19, and her past interview with Devex at the start of the US wave of quarentine on March 20.


Upcoming COVID-19 Related Events

Every week from March - July we surveyed our membership as the coronavirus rapidly evolved to get a pulse on the NGO community's response and prepardness. The results of those surveys are shared below. We are also continuing to host one-off webinars and other virtual events to help our members manage staff and programs during this unpredictable time, and sharing partner virtual events with the same goal. 

26 courses on COVID-19, remote working, staff welfare and more, FREE to Humentum members - Learn More

Nomadic Learning Remote Working Bootcamp Program - evergreen! - Learn More & Register

Options for Senior Leaders during COVID-19:
Senior Leader COVID-19 Roundtable, Mondays (weekly), 12:00 PM EDT:  register

CEO Roundtable, Tuesdays (Monthly), 11:00 AM EDT:  register

CFO/FD Roundtable, Wednesdays (Bi-weekly), 11:00 AM EDT:  register


Humentum Updates

Humentum is leaning in to our online learning expertise now more than ever. We have a robust catalog of online courses open to anyone, as well as many other courses available through Humentum Learning Services for subscribers and Humentum members. We would also be happy to discuss with you about options to customize a virtual training option for your team. 

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Conferences:  Instead of hosting an in-person event, we offered our recent OpEx Africa Online conference virtually in early June. Our exciting reimagined OpEx365: A year-long virtual learning journey has replaced this year's 2.5 day in-person conference in Washington, DC - learn more and register anytime to join in the weekly learning and quarterly retreats!

Member Communications: Join our channel on Humentum Connect, our online member community, called Coronavirus (COVID-19) where Humentum members can exchange with peers regarding organizational challenges and responses to the COVID-19 outbreak, and where we will post information and resources as they become avaiable. Join the COVID-19 channel here (Humentum members only).


COVID-19 Donor Guidance

We will share updates as we receive them on our Advocacy page as well as in the COVID-19 community on Humentum Connect (members only). We will share a summary of latest memos from USAID in regards to program funding in light of COVID-19 below.

USAID has updated its COVID-19 frequently asked questions for partners (updated on November 3). All updates are highlighted in yellow, and include topics concerning allowable costs, authorized departures, and home leave.

USAID has issued new guidance for Broad Agency Announcements (BAA).

NEW: USAID has also recently issued guidance around the use of funds from USAID to procure essential medical supplies necessary to proceed with critical programs. Download the USAID Guidance on PPE and FAQs on PPE Guidance.

NEW: OMB M-20-26: Administrative relief for recipients of Federal financial assistance directly impacted by COVID-19
OMB issued M-20-26 to extend two flexibilities to provide administrative relief for recipients of Federal financial assistance directly impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Memorandum also rescinds M-20-17 and M-20-20 (M-20-11 expires on July 26,2020).Based on OMB M-20-26, USAID is rescinding its Memo issued on May 8, 2020 and replacing it with a new Memo issued June 19, 2020. The revised memo provides only the two flexibilities provided by OMB and all other flexibilities in the previous Memo issued on May 8, 2020 are provided on a case-by-case basis.USAID Contractor flexibilities: On June 19, 2020, USAID issued a Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) deviation that affords contractors flexibilities. These flexibilities are detailed in the COVID19 Flexibilities Letter to USAID Contractors.



Spot Polls and Research

Returning to the Office Spot Poll (September 7)

This is the second poll looking at returning to office-based work, launched three months after the first one ran in June 2020. The questions asked focused on how organizations are assessing the current operating environment and making decisions about when and how to open offices and the future of remote working. Find out how organizations are responding.

How are organizations responding to COVID-19? (June 1)

This weeks poll focused on the nature of where and how staff will work in the future, looking  at organizations plans for return to office-based work and the future of remote working. There were 70 participating organizations. Read the full spot poll results here.

April 16 In-Webinar Poll

We've moved away from the weekly spot polls this week and instead are doing LIVE polling during our weekly virtual roundtables. This week, we polled attendees on difficult decisions around staff, planning timelines, and future strategic decisions. Note: participants are largely US-based HQ staff. Download report here.

March 30 spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll shed light on financial status and mitigation measures, indirect cost rates, and COVID-19's impact on program delivery and staff ability to work. Download the full report here.

March 26 spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll focused on guidance and protocols for staff, challenges in creating fit-for-purpose business continuity plans, and considerations for short and long-term disruptions to program implementation and organizational sustainability. Download the full report here.

March 16 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This weeks poll focused on guidance and protocols for staff, challenges in creating fit for purpose business continuity plans, and considerations for short and long-term disruptions to program implementation and organizational sustainability. Download the full results here.

March 11 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

This week’s poll focused on international and domestic travel restrictions, remote work decisions, and business continuity planning. Instead of a summary here like last week, we invite you download the full results here

March 5 Spot poll/Roundtable Results:

Humentum hosted a roundtable to source questions from our membership and spot poll results on COVID-19 on March 5. We discussed the second spot poll Humentum did on the subject, from Mach 2-4 among our members. Please sign in to Humentum Connect to get the full PowerPoint summary of the March 5 roundtable call. We have a dedicated Connect channel for COVID-19 which you can join here. This connect channel is also where we will share policies and a library of resources and templates from our member organizations.


Past Weekly Digests

In the spirit of collective action and knowledge sharing, we released weekly digests  during March and April at the onset of the pandemic to help organize the large volumne of information available. These summarize for each week: what we discussed in our senior leader forum, our virtual roundtable, global health updates, donor guidance releases, and what was collected from our membership via weekly spot polls. 

Download the April 17 Weekly Digest

Download the April 3 Weekly Digest

Download the March 27 Weekly Digest

Download the March 20 Weekly Digest

Download the March 13 Weekly Digest

Download the March 6 Weekly Digest

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