Working with partners

Guide to Financial Management

Working with partners

Do you work with local partner organisations? If so you may also want consider the following when working through our suggested steps:

Step 1: Do you have any existing guidance about financial management or policy that you give to your partners?

Step 2: Do you have a policy explaining how you account for grants to partners? (This is sometimes included in your partnership policy).

Step 3: Are there any information documents relating to your work with partners?

i.  Do you have a standard contract for your partners, or a format for a memorandum of understanding (MoU)?

ii.  Which staff in your organisation have responsibilities for undertaking partner assessments, working with partners, reviewing partner financial reports or undertaking reviews or internal audits of partner processes and systems? Are their responsibilities defined in job descriptions?

Step 4: Do you have templates for:

i.  partners to prepare budgets for funding from your organisation
ii.  partners to report to your organisation
iii.  internal review and approval of partner reports
iv  authorisation of advances to partners?

Step 5:  If your manual will include information for partner organisations, it helps to develop a specific stand-alone chapter or appendix. This can be shared with your partners separately from the rest of your manual and could be attached to a partner contract. It is important that this information can be understood, even if it is separated from the rest of the manual.

To give you an indication of what you need to explain in your manual for partners:

  • Think about the financial management questions  partners often ask your team – these questions should be answered in your manual
  • Are there compliance problems which come up in internal or external audits of partners? These procedures need to be explained clearly in your manual.

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