What do you already have?

Guide to Financial Management

What do you already have?

Gather any existing documents or notes together into one file

  • Do you have an existing finance manual which just needs editing? Or do you have a collection of guidelines, memos or procedures that you want to gather into one place? If so put these into a folder (either physical or on a computer) to work with.
  • Do you have existing finance policies? Do they need updating? Put these into the same folder. These might include:

- Staff expenses or travel policy
- Procurement policy
- Cost allocation/cost recovery policy
- Document retention policy
- Reserves policy
- Audit policy *
- Fraud, bribery and corruption policy
- Whistleblowing policy *
- Anti-money laundering policy *

  • Put any standard finance information documents you may have into the same folder. These could include:

- Delegation of Authority document
- Chart of Accounts
- Finance roles and responsibilities – of finance and non-finance staff including job descriptions
- Organograms for finance team or organisational structure

  • Gather together any templates or forms which are relevant to your finance processes. These are likely to include:

- Expense claim form
- Supplies request or purchase requisition document *
- Purchase Order form
- Finance or Payment voucher
- Journal voucher
- Project budget format
- Monthly budget holder review and feedback form *

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