Third party policy

Guide to Financial Management

Third party policy

Mango's Guide to financial management for NGOs includes links and recommendations to third parties including not-for-profit organisations (eg the Institute of Development Studies and ALNAP) and for-profit organisations (eg Littlefish and QuickBooks).

Mango recommends third party resources solely on the basis of our judgement as to whether they are of use to NGOs and appropriate for the Guide.

These links and recommendations are made on the basis of Mango's understanding of the current resources available to the NGO sector. Mango seeks to keep its understanding as up-to-date and complete as possible. We make no guarantee that it is 100% current and complete. Please send us other useful resources by completing the online form on the Mango community page or contact us by email.

Due to the constraints of space and ease-of-use we are not able to make links on to all relevant third party resources. We reserve the right to decide what to include in the current and future editions of Mango's Guide on the basis of our own discretion.

Conflict of interest

Mango declares the following conflict of interest:

  • Mango recommends that NGOs consider using QuickBooks accounting software. During 2006 and early 2007, Mango received £12,000 of sponsorship from Intuit UK, the company which sells QuickBooks accounting software. This sponsorship agreement came to an end in early 2007 and has not been renewed. 
  • We declare that the decision to recommend that NGOs consider using QuickBooks accounting software was made on the basis described above, that it is of use for NGOs and that it is appropriate for the Guide.
  • This decision was made independently from the agreement to accept sponsorship from Intuit and was not influenced by the sponsorship. Mango has been recommending QuickBooks as a product that NGOs should consider since 2002 and using QuickBooks internally since 2001.

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