Setting up a project reference team

Guide to Financial Management

Setting up a project reference team

Consider setting up a project reference team (PRT) or committee who will oversee the development of the finance manual. The benefits of a PRT are:

  • promoting buy-in to the manual across the organisation
  • ensuring effective consultation, covering different points of view and ideas so that the manual meets everyone’s needs
  • steering the process for development of the manual and keeping the project on track
  • sharing responsibilities and reducing the burden on the Finance Manager
  • enabling the manual to be tested or reviewed by a variety of staff as it is developed

The ideal number of people on the PRT is five to seven. If it is too large, it may be difficult to make decisions or find meeting times to suit everyone. Develop a terms of reference (ToR) to define:

  • the purpose of the PRT
  • how often it will meet
  • clear roles and responsibilities for the team members
  • how decisions will be made

The PRT should include both finance and non-finance staff to ensure the manual is understood and followed across the organisation. It is a good idea to include:

  • staff from within the finance team
  • staff from the programme teams
  • at least one member from the Senior Management Team of the organisation
  • if you have overseas programmes or offices, at least one representative from the field or regional offices
  • a representative from the Board, such as your Treasurer or someone with financial knowledge or understanding.

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