Quickbooks manual

Guide to Financial Management

Quickbooks manual

This manual is useful for an NGO considering buying Quickbooks.  It gives advice on which version to buy and how to customise it so that it can be useful for tracking funds from donors.

Everything in the manual refers to the UK 2010 version of Quickbooks but we also have the manual for the 2006 verison if you need it. 

Please note that there are also US and Canadian versions of QuickBooks which are not compatible with the UK version. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTE JANUARY 2013:  We have learnt that new editions of QuickBooks Pro do NOT include Budgeting and Classes. If you need these features you will need to buy budgets and classes they should ensure that they purchase QuickBooks Pro 2010 or upgrade to QuickBooks Premier.

The manuals here are therefore not relevant for QuickBooks versions from 2012.

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