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Guide to Financial Management

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This section of Mango's Guide to financial management for NGOs provides high quality resources, available for free to help NGO staff and trustees get to grips with financial management in practice.

Other sections of the Guide also regularly link in to the resources here so you will be able to see where they can be used in your work.

Each download is tagged with keywords.  See our tag cloud and click on a word of interest to see all related content and downloads.

Why re-invent the wheel when you can access our trusted and field-tested tools?

Mango's Health check

  • Mango's Health check helps you assess how healthy financial management is in your NGO. Also available in other languages.

Financial management essentials: Handbook for NGOs

Mango's Accounting pack

  • A complete Excel-based accounting system that allows you to create your own codes, enter transactions and produce simple reports.  Complete with user guide. Will shortly be available in French - please keep looking for updates!


User friendly tools and checklists that can help you read financial reports, improve the way your finance and programme staff work together, manage your risks and many more.

Example documents

From budgets to requisition forms to payrolls to financing strategies.  See real example documents that you can refer to or tailor for your own use.

Case studies

An ever growing body of real world cases from Mango's on-line community, sharing experiences and learning.

Further reading

If you need to dig deeper into a subject, it's all here.


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