Finance manual

Guide to Financial Management

Finance manual

Most NGOs prepare a 'finance manual' which describes how their financial systems work. Manuals help all staff (eg at head office and in the field) understand their responsibilities and how systems and teams fit together, and to ensure compliance. They also help NGOs to handle staff changes without too much disruption.

Each NGO's finance manual will be different, reflecting their circumstances and ways of working. For this reason, there is no 'one size fits all' approach. However, we have put together the following guidance to help NGOs of all sizes to kickstart the process of developing or updating their manuals. If you would like further support in this area, do contact our friendly Consultancy team to see how they might help you.

Here are some links and documents to help your NGO on its way:

See also an example finance manual, provided by a member of the Mango community.



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