Developing a finance manual

Guide to Financial Management

Developing a finance manual

The finance manual describes an organisation’s financial systems and procedures. Its purpose is to help programme and finance staff understand their responsibilities for financial management, and how finance systems and procedures fit together. Manuals should be as easy to read as possible, keeping jargon to a minimum and explaining any specific finance terminology used.

Each NGO's finance manual will be different, reflecting their circumstances and ways of working. It is important to consider the needs of different users when you are preparing one for your organisation. 

The process of creating or updating a manual can often seem quite daunting. You may have nothing in place, or you may be looking to review or update your existing One. Building on Mango’s extensive experience of supporting a wide range of NGOs in this area, we propose a series of easy-to-follow steps to help you write your own.  In the case of smaller organisations, not all of the contents described will be relevant. Those areas which are more relevant for larger NGOs are marked with an asterisk (*).

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