Cash and bank reconciliation examples

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Cash and bank reconciliation examples

The following templates have been developed by Mango based on our field experience.  It is part of Mango's Accounting Pack, which also includes guidelines for how they should be used.

Use it to create your own, suitable for your own purposes

Download cash count and bank reconciliation formats.


Using cash count and bank reconciliations

A cash count reconciliation is where you count the actual cash in the tin and compare it to the expected balance as shown in the cashbook.  A bank reconciliation is where you see the actual bank balance as shown on the bank statement and compare it to the balance on the same date in the cashbook.

These two reconciliations are two of the most important internal controls in any organisation.  They should be done, checked and filed every month without fail.

Why not submit a sample cash count or bank reconciliation format used by your own organisation to share with the Mango community?