Finance Manager

Finance Manager

Finance Managers like you stay busy making sure there is value for money, proper accountability to donors and others, and strong systems to manage risks. That's why we've put together this at-a-glance resource page, pulling across all the best of finance from across our website. This page contains tools and guides that will make can help you embed good financial management practice throughout your organization. We've also included some blogs, videos and podcasts where relevant, to help keep you informed in your role as finance manager.

On this page you can access links to free tools and resources, find out more how Humentum approaches Financial Management from our lead in this area, Sam Musoke, discover learning pathways relevant for financial management, and find out about our range of workshops and trainings in this area.

Guide to Financial Management

How to use the Guide

The Mango Guide to Financial Management is a renowned and reputable repository of valuable financial management tools, checklists, resources and guidance, designed to help finance managers in global development make their work more efficient and easier to manage. The Guide has seven sections, and feel free to explore the links below to find out more:

  1. Financial management in context - what NGOs do, integrating financial management into programmes, and improving financial management in your organisation.
  2. Working with beneficiaries - reporting to beneficiaries, accountability and a New Management Agenda.
  3. Financial governance - legal requirements, responsibilities, audit and fraud.
  4. Getting the basics right - the four building blocks: keeping accounts, financial planning, financial monitoring and internal controls.
  5. Grant management - receiving and giving grants, working with donors and partners, accountability.
  6. Financial sustainability - developing a financing strategy, risk assessment, building reserves, types of funding, managing and financing overheads.
  7. Free downloads - practical resources available to download and use, including tools, case studies, example documents, top-tips, external links and further reading, each represented by a different icon.

Sam Musoke from Humentum talks about Financial Management in 2019

Humentum's financial management lead, Sam Musoke, takes you through Humentum's financial management courses, and training, convening, and consulting, and describes how these services can help you build an always learning mentality within your organization.

Learn more about financial management from Humentum

Humentum works to build the financial skills of managers across the social sector and set a global standard. We aim to give NGO managers the skills, tools and confidence they need to ensure projects are managed to the best financial standards, and ensure everyone in the social sector is speaking the same financial language. We do this by addressing the financial skills gaps among NGO staff and volunteers to raise the bar for proficiency in financial management across the sector.

We work across all stakeholders – partners and donors, managers, program staff, operations staff, finance offers, board members, project beneficiaries – to help them deliver a tangible improvement in performance and results. We offer training, convening, consulting, and resources/insights for financial management. To learn more about our work in financial management, watch the video introduction from our Financial Management lead Sam Musoke.




Learning Pathway Number One

Discover a new learning pathway dedicated to strengthening your budgeting credentials.

Master Budgeting
Follow our learning pathway for Master Budgeting , which is designed for all learners who have a need to oversee, plan, implement, monitor or deal with budgets day-to-day. A two course pathway, with both available as online workshops, this route will help you refresh and become master of those budgeting skills required across the social sector and in international development work.

By taking and completing this pathway you will be able to:

  • Complete an accurate, complete and justified project budget using the activity-based budgeting technique
  • Structure budgets in different donor formats to accompany funding proposals
  • Create phased budgets for program implementation
  • Design and prepare a budget monitoring report to compare a project budget with actual performance
  • Calculate variance and grant utilization percentages to assess project progress compared to plan
  • Create a project budget forecast report based on latest activity plans and information

Discover Master Budgeting





Learning Pathway Number Two

Discover a new learning pathway dedicated to strengthening financial credentials for NGO leaders.

Finance for NGO Leaders 
Follow our learning pathway designed specifically for NGO leaders who want to get a comprehensive overview of how their finance function should operate. Completing this pathway will help you:

  • Access tools to establish a holistic anti-fraud approach in your organization and associates
    Develop a financing strategy and associated policies
  • Assess fraud risk in your programs, and develop controls to respond to the risks
  • Effectively manage incidences of fraud, or allegations of fraud, taking actions which are appropriate, fair and firm
  • Evaluate cost allocation structures and methods based on your NGO’s current funding mix
  • Apply alternative approaches to structuring overhead accounts and allocation methods

Discover Finance for NGO Leaders


What is FMD Pro?

This course gives you the knowledge and practical skills to ensure effective and proper use of financial resources during program implementation. During this course, you will learn the key principles of good financial management and how to: integrate good financial management systems into operations management, and manage and control financial resources more efficiently and effectively.

Discover Humentum's workshops for Finance Managers

Browse our full range of open workshop training courses or select one of the specialist financial management courses below:

Assessing Your Partners' Financial Health (eWorkshop)
Budgeting Essentials (eWorkshop)
Budget Monitoring Essentials (eWorkshop) 
Fighting Fraud in NGOs
Fighting Fraud In NGOs (eWorkshop)
Financial Management for USAID Funding
Financial Management for USAID Funding (eWorkshop)
FMD Pro I: The Essentials of Financial Management
FMD Pro Flex: The Essentials of Financial Management
Planning for Financial Sustainability
Planning for Financial Sustainability (eWorkshop) 
Training for Finance Trainers
USAID Proposal Development: An Introduction
USAID Proposal Development: From RFA/RFP To Proposal

Comments from previous course participants:

"It was great to see the financial management from start to finish." 

"The workshop has been eye opening by highlighting the areas my organization needs to improve on."

"I recommend this will enhance our working relationship between departments."

The Power of Community

As a Humentum member, you can interact with other peers working in finance management on Humentum Connect, our online community. Join our Finance, Grants & Contracts Practice Group community and pose questions for real-time responses from your colleagues in the sector. 

Not a Humentum member yet, but interested in having your organization join? Humentum membership is organizational and every individual working for a member organization can take full advantage of membership benefits. Learn more here about the power of Humentum membership.