Fighting Fraud & Bribery in NGOs

Fighting Fraud & Bribery in NGOs


This course builds the skills and confidence of NGO managers and staff to prevent, detect and respond to fraud & bribery, making sure the organization’s resources get to where they are most needed.

Target Audience

This course is designed for NGO staff whose job is to proactively manage the risk of fraud & bribery in their organizations, such as:

  • Senior managers of national NGOs, such as Directors, Program, Operations and Finance Managers or board members
  • Staff in international NGOs who work with local partners, such as Desk Officers and Program Managers

The course is most relevant to NGOs with more than 12-15 staff or an annual budget greater than USD 350,000.  It may also be of interest to NGO internal auditors.

Key Takeaways 

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what fraud & bribery is, and why people do it
  • Describe the seven parts of the Zero Tolerance Approach and five elements of a holistic Anti-Fraud framework
  • Identify the required content of key anti-fraud & bribery policies and processes
  • Assess fraud & bribery risk in your programs, and develop strategies to avoid encountering bribery, and controls to prevent fraud.
  • Detect fraud should it occur, including setting up a ‘speaking up’ hotline
  • Set up and provide guidance for a Fraud Response Team
  • Effectively manage incidences or allegations of fraud & bribery, taking actions which are appropriate, fair and firm
  • Appreciate the benefits of fighting fraud, and being open with donors and staff if fraud happens

Learning Approach

Our training puts the learner at the center, using practical and fun learning activities supported by easy-to-use materials. We share tools and techniques that can be immediately used in your work.

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