COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 Solutions

Your COVID-19 challenges, and ways we can help

The pandemic has required those of us working in the global development space to pivot our strategies and tactics very quickly. This takes time, skills, expertise, and more that organizations may not have in-house. 

For weeks, we have held virtual meetings and spot polls with our member organizations.

Consistently, the top concerns we hear are:

1. Sustaining funding and donor management;
2. Ensuring project continuity;
3. Leading people and teams through a crisis (virtually)

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Read our blog What we have learned about how NGOs are managing during COVID-19

Watch a series of webinars on COVID-19 resiliency, focusing on resource mobilization, project planning and financial management


The Problem: Financials are under threat, risks need to be assessed, and donors need to be managed

Our Solution: A financial sustainability plan with enhanced donor engagement capacity

We will work with your organization to develop a custom plan to address the financial gap and identify solutions that will work for you and your donor. 

Solution components:

A free one-hour consultation

Conduct a financial sustainability assessment and virtual consultancy

Sustainability recommendations document

Online course(s) in donor management or USAID compliance for your team

Problem: Keeping the team engaged, productive, and growing

Solution: A turnkey set of tools and trainings to inspire and engaged your staff

Engage with our team and our community of NGO peers to help support you with leadership guidance and resources for your staff. 

Solution components:

A free one-hour consultation

Online workshop on how to train and convene online

An online leadership course for mid and senior leaders

A customizable learning platform for all staff

Problem: Projects need to be adjusted and re-scoped to address to COVID-19 needs or constraints

Solution: Project adaptation and rescue consultancy with skills training for the team

Tap into the sector’s leading experts in project management for advice, support, and training. 

Solution components:

A free one-hour consultation

Project rescue and adaptation virtual consultancy workshop

Project recommendations document

Online training in Project DPro for your team

These are only three of many solutions we can offer to address the current needs of your organization. Not sure where to start?

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