On the Road with InsideNGO in Nairobi


On the Road with InsideNGO in Nairobi

Seated at the dais, Sanda Ojiambo of Safaricom and Betty Kibaara of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Many people don’t know that Humentum hosts workshops in 20 countries around the world. In any given week, you can find our trainers in many different cities outside of the US: Accra, Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Bogota, Dubai, Hanoi, Istanbul, Kampala, Lusaka, Port au Prince, and Senegal are just some of the places where we hosted learning events over the past year.

Our events portfolio goes beyond learning events, however. One of our goals is to provide opportunities for members—and in many cases, their partner organizations—to network with colleagues and discover more about the benefits of Humentum membership. So last month, I took off with Humentum as we hit the road and traveled to Nairobi for a week filled with multiple workshops, a forum for senior leaders, and a networking reception followed by a dinner and discussion.

Throughout the week, I popped into various workshops, watching our trainers in action. As usual, the room for our workshop on USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements was packed; in another room, teams of professionals worked together to master the concept of the critical path in our PMD Pro 1: The Essentials of Project Management training. Later on in the week, I stopped by when trainer Mike Blyth handed out his certificates of completion for his two-day Safety & Security Risk Management workshop.

On Wednesday, September 14, nearly 100 guests were welcomed to our dinner discussion by Humentum CEO Tom Dente and Board Member Isaac Malonza, Regional Director, Eastern Africa for Jhpiego. We were very fortunate to have two outstanding Kenyan women lead a discussion on The Future NGO Funding Landscape: The Importance of Partnerships and NGO Sustainability. Sanda Ojiambo, Head of Corporate Responsibility for Safaricom Limited—and a former employee at member organizations Care and IPPF—talked about the current interest in NGO-corporate partnerships, noting that partnerships that make a difference are formed when corporations think beyond fulfilling their own needs, but rather evince a genuine interest in society and society’s needs. She urged attendees to examine their relationships with partners and funders to better realize how to partner for success.

Sanda was followed by Betty Kibaara, Associate Director at the Rockefeller Foundation, Africa Regional Office. Betty took up the theme, noting that future funding opportunities in the East Africa region would be more inclusive, moving beyond traditional needs and being more influenced by global trends. Their talking points resonated with our audience, who followed up with questions and would have kept both speakers talking all night if we had let them!

Humentum’s next full integrated week of workshops and member activities kicks off in Bangkok on March 20, 2017 with USAID Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements and six other workshops. Watch our website for more details coming soon.

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