Promoting Excellence in the Workplace Spotlight on: Christine Filosa, EDC


Promoting Excellence in the Workplace Spotlight on: Christine Filosa, EDC

Christine Filosa, General Counsel, EDC

By Alexia Kime

The Humentum community is full of stories of exemplary work. Every year at our annual conference, we take the time to identify and celebrate a few select individuals who go above and beyond. As we get ready for this year’s conference, we’re following up with Christine Filosa, who won the Excellence Award: Legal in 2014. She is a great example of the outstanding impact that an individual can have within their NGO. Christine’s nomination recognized her contributions during a restructuring at Education Development Center (EDC) that reinvigorated teams and led to a new level of inter-departmental collaboration and cross-functional support. Her skills as an exceptional internal diplomat and effective communicator were also lauded.

Q: Tell us how you felt when you learned that you had been selected as an Excellence Award winner.

A: I was honored and humbled to learn that I was the recipient of the Humentum Excellence Award. EDC has been a longtime member of Humentum, and I’ve been participating in the trainings and annual meetings for many years. I consider Humentum an important resource in my work, so to be recognized by such a prestigious organization really meant a lot.

Who nominated you for the award?

EDC’s Paralegal, Christopher Carmody, nominated me for this award. Chris and I have worked closely together for the past 3+ years. Our work together entails managing EDC’s Office of Legal Affairs efficiently and effectively.

Have things changed for you at work since you received this award?

Shortly after winning the award, EDC promoted me to a Vice President position. I believe that Humentum’s award helped to highlight my achievements at EDC, both internally and externally, and was instrumental in my promotion.

What are the biggest operational issues/challenges you’re currently dealing with at work?

EDC is a large non-profit organization that does great work both domestically and in more than 20 countries. EDC’s Office of Legal Affairs represents EDC in all legal matters and handles a range of subjects including intellectual property, international law, lease agreements, risk management, new business, and employment issues. It’s always busy! Luckily I have a tremendous group of talented colleagues. We work hard—and have some fun along the way.

Has this recognition in any way created or fostered an environment where excellence in operations is recognized within your organization?

I think EDC as an organization has always strived for excellence, in all aspects of its work. This strong sense of integrity and mission is fostered by our Senior Vice President Robert Rotner, who leads EDC’s Administrative and Finance group. He has set very high standards and a tone where providing excellent client service, whatever your role, is expected. I think the Humentum award recognizes that value system.

After being chosen as the winner in 2014, you served on the selection committee for the 2015 awards. Do you have any specific advice for members who want to nominate their colleagues in 2016?

I was so impressed with the quality of all the nominees last year. It was difficult to make a decision. My advice to nominators would be to be as specific as possible about the accomplishments of your nominees. In addition to providing context as to why they are a great colleague, include specific and detailed examples of the nominee’s contributions to your organization’s operational excellence.

Christine is currently the General Counsel and a Vice President with EDC. She has been working for EDC for more than 13 years.

Do you know an individual or operational team who is having a significant impact in your organization? You have until May 18 to nominate them for an Excellence Award.

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